EwA Ambassador Rewards Program

Thank you for supporting Earthwise Aware! As an EwA ambassador, your contribution benefits directly the democratization of climate and biodiversity sciences. You enable the improvement of ecological ethical standards. You foster environmental leadership. You empower communities and support our young leaders. Your engagement means a lot! Here are the details of your impact and our rewards 🎁 for you. Enjoy! ツ

Blue Dasher Ambassador Rewards

Insatiable predators of pests like flies and mosquitoes, a plentiful blue dasher is an indicator of ecosystem health. Our blue dasher tier is an important foundation of our community, and we are proud to have you!

[1] A printable membership card (that will be sent to you very soon) 

[2] Membership to the EwA Discussion Forum > Here it is! (request membership if you want to be an active member.)

[3] Access to our patron-only EwA Monthly Q&A (Livestream) that happens monthly on the 3rd Thursday. We will email you the patron login information with your membership card. Feel free to join any of them!

Blue Jay Ambassador Rewards

Blue Jays are responsible for many ecosystem services, from predation to the dispersal of acorns and other seeds. Our Blue Jay tier patrons, similarly, make sure that EwA’s necessary maintenance and upkeep are taken care of.

All of the Blue Dasher ambassador rewards, as well as…

[4] Access to the EwA News Digest (important & fun news highlights that we started sharing in January 2020)

[5] Early access to EwA Seasonal Newsletters > An early notification will be sent through our forum.

Goldenrod Ambassador Rewards

Every late summer and early fall, the goldenrods explode into color. They buzz with pollinators, and our Goldenrod supporters help us get the tools we need to keep EwA operations buzzing along as well!

All of the Blue Jay ambassador rewards, as well as…

[6] A hi-res digital copy of a nature sketch from EwA’s nature journal. Choose one from this album and reply to this email, simply copying the URL of the one you want. Note that the high-resolution version of the sketch that you’ll receive might be a little different as there are more details. Also, note that the sketches have a relatively small original format (since they are copies from our journals, whose largest format is 8″x11″). 

Oak Ambassador Rewards

Oaks are known as mighty trees and insect super-feeders. Our Oak tier patrons help to provide the support necessary for EwA to keep growing our team of contributors and staff.

All of the Goldenrod ambassador rewards, as well as…

[7] A field notebook & pen

[8] Annual report(s) preview with a chance to provide feedback on what you would like to see happening at EwA going forward.

Marbled Salamander Ambassador Rewards

The marbled salamander is a beautiful endangered amphibian being reintroduced into local pools. The patrons of this tier support the expansion of programs such as our Vernal Pool Protection Program, which documents and protects those pools and their inhabitants.

All of the Oak ambassador rewards, as well as…

[9] Your choice of an EwA pocket field guide–a link to a high-resolution PDF version or one printed on our favorite weatherproof paper that we can give to you at one of our walks. Tell us which guide you want and what you prefer (link or print)!

Beaver Ambassador Rewards

The beaver is one of nature’s most impressive ecosystem engineers, and our Beaver tier patrons are helping EwA to build vibrant, sustainable citizen science and ecological ethics programs.

All of the Marbled Salamander ambassador rewards, as well as…

[11] A field lens or a smartphone lens

[13] An inside look at an opportunity to participate in EwA’s developing mission and strategy. We will invite you to join strategy meetings and to help decide priorities and directions.

Green Sea Turtle Ambassador Rewards

The Green Sea Turtle is a resilient and ancient species. They are critical to ocean ecology. Their fight for survival is a symbol of the ecological crisis we face, and the patrons of this tier are crucial to ensuring EwA’s own organizational resilience.

All of the Beaver ambassador rewards, as well as…

[14] A private Biodiversity walk in the Boston area with Claire, field naturalist and founder of Earthwise Aware.

[15] An annual signed limited-edition sketch from our founder, Claire O’Neill, or a signed print of one of your favorite EwA species photo records from EwA master citizen scientists . Email us your choice!

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ⓘ Need vs. want and reducing our ecological footprint. If you want to opt out of any of the material rewards above, please tell us (you can also reply to our welcome email). If you want your material rewards, send us your mailing address so that we can send them to you. Of course, if we have a chance to see you in the field, we’ll hand those to you! Thanks!

Earthwise Aware is a 501(c)(3) [EIN 82-1292474], your donation is tax-deductible! 

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