Lichens, Pollution, and Us

Lichens, Pollution, and Us Learning how clean the air of a place is by documenting its lichens… Visit a forested area that’s not near a city, and you’ll see all sorts of lichens decorating trees and rocks. But if you ...
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May the Lichens Be With You

May the Lichens be with You If flowers are commonly placed on a loved one’s final resting place, why shouldn’t lichens be allowed to reside on that loved one’s gravestone? If flowers are commonly placed on a loved one’s ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—July at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac July at the Meadow
July is quite an exciting time at Fresh Pond. Many people enjoy the warm, sunny days by strolling or jogging around the reservation. The beginning of the summer also comes with sudden and ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—June at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac June at the Meadow
Many insects are pollinating and reproducing, plants are growing with some of the flowers in bloom, and birds and mammals are as active as ever, capitalizing on this dynamic time through means such ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—May at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac May at the Meadow By May, summer is just around the corner at Fresh Pond, and the month sees a boom of insect life at Lusitania Meadow. Along with this late-spring boom comes all kinds of activity, ...
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Forest Explorations — April in the Fells

Forest Explorations April in the Fells Another month - another EwA Fells walk! Each forest exploration walk brings its load of wonders and this April's walk wasn't any different. April is an exciting month: vernal pools have thawed and are ...
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Keeping the Fells Whole

Keeping the Fells Whole Earthwise Aware Report 2021
Documenting habitat fragmentation in a mixed-use urban forest Publication: January 29th, 2022 Note the scroll on the right-hand side below to get through the whole report. You can also read it in ...
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Over-Collecting (Mushrooms)

Over-collecting Mushrooms Not too long ago, I led a mushroom walk in central Massachusetts for the North Country Land Trust. Just prior to my foray, there’d been a mycological club foray at the same site, and the vast number of ...
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Wasps Biosurveillance and Milkweed Haven

Wasps Biosurveillance & Milkweed Haven Nature Highlights Season: Summer | Location: New-England's meadows, parks, and gardens

Look for wasps and the intense activity of insects on milkweeds in the warm summer months. What do they have in common? Both have a ...
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Forest Explorations — May in the Fells

Forest Explorations May in the Fells The forest floor was dominated by swaths of Canada Mayflower during this month’s Forest Exploration – a sure sign of spring. This low-growing understory perennial has yet to flower at the Fells, but others ...
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