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In the long crisis of COVID-19, when celebrations, careers, and so many other things must be put on hold, the ecosystems around us are still ever-changing and alive. In times like these, our need for nature becomes even more clear, as visitors flock to our parks and reservations. At the same time, that abundance puts the nature we need under stress. At Earthwise Aware (EwA), our mission is to lead people in thinking ecologically and to reconcile the way we live with the ecosystems around us.

Habitat degradation and the massive loss of biological diversity worldwide have contributed to eliminating the natural buffer between dangerous new viruses such as COVID-19 and human society. The pandemic itself has made our relationship with the environment even more precarious. We are still at risk of seeing some of the most dramatic environmental regulatory rollbacks of our life-time over the next couple of months. Conservation work still sees only a tiny sliver of all charitable donations, and it’s important to push back against that trend. Now, more than ever, it is necessary to financially support grassroots work like ours.

In bringing ecological systems knowledge and science to the core of our community, EwA reconnects the people with their immediate environment so that they can know and understand it. With this deep knowledge, we gain the power to make educated decisions, inspire change, and inform environmental policy. We, and our community of citizen scientists, have been hard at work in the field this year, adjusting to changing conditions on the fly and contributing critical data to local and global databases. Continuing to observe and build knowledge of our ecosystems, through thick and thin, is what we have done every day at EwA since 2017.

We do this work because it has to be done, and all of us make sacrifices in the pursuit of a mission we believe in. If you have ever enjoyed one of our walks, classes, field guides, or articles, please consider contributing to EwA today. Your contribution helps EwA in many ways, from providing tools and resources to our citizen scientists to supporting our web infrastructure and online content. By donating to EwA today, you can help make sure this work has staying power and a lasting effect.

Please donate today or become a member and share this page with your friends and family.

Thanks for your support!

— The EwA Community

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🏆 Be the change. Get involved! As an EwA ambassador, your contribution benefits directly to the democratization of climate and biodiversity sciences. You enable the improvement of ecological ethical standards. You foster environmental leadership. You empower communities and support our young leaders.

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Blue Dasher ($2 per month) ▶ Insatiable predators of pests like flies and mosquitoes, a plentiful blue dasher is an indicator of ecosystem health. Our blue dasher tier is an important foundation of our community and we are proud to have you! ⭐ Rewards: A printable membership card ▫ Membership to the EwA forums ▫ Access to our patron-only monthly Livestream Q&A.

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Blue Jay ($5 per month) ▶ Blue Jays are responsible for many ecosystem services, from predation to the dispersal of acorns and other seeds. Our Blue Jay tier patrons, similarly, make sure that EwA’s necessary maintenance and upkeep is taken care of. ⭐ Rewards: All the benefits of the previous tier ▫ Access to the EwA News Digest ▫ Early access to EwA seasonal newsletters.

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Goldenrod ($10 per month) ▶ Every late summer and early fall, the goldenrods explode into color (by the way they don’t give you allergies–that’s ragweed). They buzz with pollinators, and our Goldenrod supporters help us get the tools we need to keep EwA operations buzzing along as well! ⭐ Rewards: All the benefits of the previous tiers ▫ A hi-res digital copy of a sketch from EwA’s nature journal.

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Oak - $20/mo

Oak ($20 per month) ▶ Oaks are known as might trees and insect super feeders. Our Oak tier patrons help to provide the support necessary for EwA to keep growing our team of contributors and staff. ⭐ Rewards: All the benefits of the previous tiers ▫ A field notebook and pen ▫ Preview to our annual report with a chance to provide feedback on what you would like to see happening at EwA going forward.

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Marbled Salamander - $50/mo

Marbled Salamander ($50 per month) ▶ The marbled salamander is a beautiful endangered amphibian being reintroduced into local pools. The patrons of this tier support the expansion of programs such as our Vernal Pool Protection Program that documents and protect those pools and its inhabitants. ⭐ Rewards: All the benefits of the previous tiers ▫ Your choice of a nature finder pocket guide ▫ A bound paper copy of a module from our annual report in January (upon request).

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Beaver ($100 per month) ▶ The beaver is one of nature’s most impressive ecosystem engineers, and our Beaver tier patrons are helping EwA to build vibrant, sustainable citizen science and ecological ethics programs. ⭐ Rewards: All the benefits of the previous tiers ▫ A field lens ▫ A bound paper copy of our full annual report (upon request) ▫ An inside look at and opportunity to participate in EwA’s developing mission and strategy.

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Green Sea Turtle - $250/mo

Green Sea Turtle ($250 per month) ▶ The Green Sea Turtle is a resilient and ancient species. They are critical to ocean ecology. Their fight for survival is a symbol of the ecological crisis we face, and the patrons of this tier are crucial to ensuring EwA's own organizational resilience. ⭐ Rewards: All the benefits of the previous tiers ▫ A personal EwA workshop of your choice ▫ An annual signed limited-edition sketch from our founder, Claire O’Neill or a print of one of your favorite EwA species photo records.

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To Our New EwA Ambassadors ▶ The time to process your membership and within a few days we’ll send an email with your membership card. If you are eligible for a sketch (Goldenrod level and up), an EwA workshop, or any other rewards, we’ll send you a link with options to choose from. If you are eligible for a field kit item, be patient. It’ll be soon on its way.

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Earthwise Aware is a 501(c)(3) [EIN 82-1292474], your donation is tax-deductible! 

At EwA we respect your privacy and do not share information that you submit to us.

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Read More About Our Story & Needs... ➔

Our Story

Since we started EwA, we’ve accomplished so much. By now, you know that we develop science-based ecology and wildlife guides and etiquettes, with companion Nature lessons accessible for all globally. Our Nature lessons are also the backbone of our experiential learning events in the region. The most important effort being our public participative science program (a.k.a. citizen science) that we run in the region.

Our science program fills critical climate and biodiversity science gaps. It covers biodiversity occurrence and abundance recording (some focused specifically on insects and relatives), phenology, ecological community documentation including vernal pools. This year we've added a bio-pollution program documenting dog poop littering of the Fells.

Since we started our science studies and citizen science program, we consolidated our citizen science program in the Fells, with the collaboration of the Friends of the Fells. We also expanded our program and now run arthropod surveys at the Fresh Pond Reservoir in Cambridge (with the Cambridge Water Department), at Horn Pond in Winchester/Woburn, and at the Community Growing Community in Somerville.

These field study programs are a means to rekindle people to their ecological nature. They help science and their scientists directly. They give us critical keys to understand better and faster a world that is going through a rapid transformation (climate change, invasive species impact, and biodiversity shift and loss).

We pair these field conservation programs with EwA guides and nature lessons accessible online so that these studies can be replicated anywhere. We’re excited about that because citizen science, as a means to connect and nature-coach people, has been part of what we do at EwA from the start. We have tremendous experience in that arena, we have fantastic scientists and expert collaborators, a team of genuine volunteers, and we have great partners.

Why We Need Your Help

EwA is run completely on pro bono and volunteer labor. Every EwA patron, from Blue Dasher to North Atlantic Right Whale, helps our young organization to grow sustainably and to enable our communities to be more engaged. Our conservation model is co-creative, so we would love to hear from you–please join our forum and contact us with any ideas or questions you have!

Your donation will help us specifically with the following:

▹ Developing the skills of citizen scientists and contributors

▹ Providing our citizen scientists with tools to make their fieldwork more dynamic and efficient

▹ Through our internship program, developing the skills of the next generation of ecologists and conservationists

▹ Enabling EwA to work even more dynamically as the environmental crisis develops

▹ Textbooks, supplies, web infrastructure

▹ Helping us provide high-quality video and written content to help citizen scientists locally and around the world

▹ Deepening our community’s knowledge pool through educational opportunities

▹ Giving back to our community through things like stipends and merchandise

▹ Retain our 501c3 status! (without you we can’t keep this important status)

Note that donations to Earthwise Aware are not used for any of the volunteer and citizen science trips of the EwA staff and board members.

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