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Giving Science Back to the People
Advancing Biodiversity & Climate Research

Climate & Biodiversity sciences need you, your skills, and the information that you can collect.

The good news is that together we can really make a difference! 

Biodiversity Conservation Science Needs Natural History. Only with the collaboration of naturalists, scientists, and trained volunteers can we closely monitor indicators necessary to ascertain the state of biodiversity across the planet, such as indicators of phenology, migratory behavior, bioindicator species, population age structure, and species distributions.

Earthwise Aware (EwA) runs a nature conservation program that supports biodiversity and climate research while advancing the democratization of science. The program covers various habitats in the Greater Boston Area and fills essential data gaps, revealing a continuous natural history of these habitats.

We invite you to participate and make a difference! [Apply today]

At the heart of EwA’s initiatives lies a dynamic participatory science program that uniquely focuses on whole ecosystems. Unlike traditional scientific endeavors, EwA’s programs transcend individual species studies, aiming to understand and protect entire ecosystems. This holistic perspective recognizes the interconnectedness of various species and environmental factors, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the delicate balance within ecosystems.

What sets EwA apart is its commitment to the true democratization of science. By actively involving citizens in scientific research and experiential learning, EwA breaks down traditional barriers, empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to contribute meaningfully to ecological knowledge. This co-created approach to participatory science ensures that insights are not only scientifically rigorous but also reflective of the local communities intimately connected to the ecosystems under study.

Through this innovative and inclusive model, Earthwise Aware not only advances scientific understanding but also cultivates a sense of shared responsibility for the planet. Participants in EwA’s programs gain a deeper understanding of their local ecosystems, fostering a sense of environmental stewardship. By combining education, advocacy, and community involvement, Earthwise Aware strives to create a network of informed and inspired individuals working collectively toward a sustainable and biodiverse future. It’s a testament to the power of collective action in addressing environmental challenges and building a sustainable future.

Since 2018, EwA’s citizen scientists have collected more than 405,220 dedicated phenological observations, over 211,980 biodiversity records of a great variety of animal and plant species, and 17,113 habitat indicators. The data is aggregated into open and global databases. To drive societal change, comprehensive annual reports tell a rich story of communities invested in understanding species diversity, their habitats, and the effects of land use and climate change

The program empowers its participants and contributes critical information to local, national, and global projects. EwA’s model is successful because it deeply connects all involved by making nature science accessible while having a great community and scientific impact.  

Learn about EwA’s participatory science model and impactMeet its community » StoryMap (or click the poster cover below).

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