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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead)…That’s us together with you!

Earthwise Aware is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) that we founded in early 2016, and have since then incorporated as a nonprofit in May 2017. We are very proud of its mission & vision and are working hard at developing it into a vibrant community. Thanks to a dedicated and growing group of supporters who want it to succeed, EwA is developing fast. We look forward to this journey, and invite you to join our effort!

EwA Community

EwA is a community of collaborators, citizen scientists, contributors, and partners who are absolutely essential to our organization. All our generous volunteers help EwA shape its content –reviewing it, editing it, supplying their conservation & nature experiences, their expertise as naturalists, volunteers, travelers, scientists, practitioners, or leaders. We are also very thankful to our growing community of citizen scientists who contribute their skills and study & record important ecological data, and co-lead field events.

To the EwA community: Thank You! | Meet the whole community »


EwA Board

Meet our board members and officers

Sharan Bahra

Daniel Onea
Treasurer & Assistant Secretary

Jeffrey O’Neill
Counsel & Secretary

EwA Partners

EwA Supporters

In 2017, we launched our Give platform. We want to thank all supporters of EwA! We do need your help to continue developing EwA’s content, guides, resources, outreach, and citizen science programs. EwA has a small core team. We work long hours and it is complete pro bono work on our part, so your contribution means a lot and helps tremendously!

Thanks to all our generous members and supporters. We could not do it without you! 2017- 2021 supporters (non-exhaustive list):  Friends of the Blue Hills Reservation (2021 restricted grant) | Friends of the Middlesex Fells Reservation (2021 restricted grant) | Meadowscaping for Biodiversity (2021 restricted grant) | Louis and Anne Abrons Foundation, Inc. (2021 and 2020 grants) | Daniel Onea | Mercedes Delgado | Georgine Bird O’Neill | Carol Lombardo O’Neill | David Morimoto | Crystofur Brown | Thomas Eid | Doug Larrick | Richard Bagley | Laura Costello | Julide Ikican Lauck | Samir Sebbah | Julie O’Neill Gage | Robert Weisenseel | Ya Chen | Margaret-Ann Mills | Rachel Klein | Steve Durst | David Kulik | Don Gurewitz | Genna Waterman | Ravi Polisetty | Seggy Umboh | Valeria Damachianu | Julie O’Neill | Claire Reichstein | Claire and Jeff O’Neill | John Smathers | Susan Green | Bijoyini Chatterjee | Diane Pucci | Sharan Bahra | Nina Vogel Gibely | Allison Kaplan | Aurelien Faure | Barbara Olson | Sophie Rénove | Joe MacIndewar | Anne Locatelli | Johann Locatelli | Bill MacIndewar | Nathan Van Meter | Amal Marks | Alicia Pierson | John O’Neill | Christophe and Emma Koudela | Glenna Waterman | Claire Reichtein | Maureen O’Neill Eddy | Michael O’Neill | Serena | Elizabeth Carlson| Xaelel Allen-Caballero | John Born Margo Flavin | Amy Mertl | Chanda Bahlo | Anita Brewer-Siljeholm | Lisa DiRocco | Shilpa Sen | Russ Cohen | Maria T. Costello | June Mackenize | Susan Saidman | Janet Polcaro | Susan Richmond

If you want to collaborate with us, join our effort, and contribute your experience, expertise, stories, programs, or areas of interest please do not hesitate to contact us!

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