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At EwA (Earthwise Aware) we are committed to protect Biodiversity and to lead people to join us in doing so, reconnecting us all to our ecological self. It’s a critical mission in the era of Biodiversity decline, and we can’t do it without you!

Since we started EwA, we’ve accomplished so much. By now, you know that we develop science-based ecology and wildlife guides and etiquettes, with companion Nature lessons accessible for all globally. Our Nature lessons are also the backbone of our experiential learning events in the region. The most important effort being our public participative science program (a.k.a. citizen science) that we run in the region. Our science program covers biodiversity occurrence recording, phenology, plant community assessment. These field study programs are a means to rekindle people to their ecological nature. They help science and their scientists directly. They give us critical keys to understand better and faster a world that is going through a rapid transformation (climate change, invasive species impact, and biodiversity shift and loss).

This past year, we started a citizen science program in the Fells, with the collaboration of the Friends of the Fells. This year, we’re expanding and adding a vernal pool monitoring program, and a plant visitor survey that we’ll also run at the Fresh Pond Reservoir in Cambridge (with the Cambridge Water Department), and at Mass Habitat in Belmont (with Mass Audubon Habitat).

We pair these field conservation programs with EwA guides and nature lessons accessible online so that these studies can be replicated anywhere. We’re excited about that because citizen science, as a means to connect and nature-coach people, has been part of what we do at EwA from the start. We have tremendous experience in that arena, we have fantastic scientists and expert collaborators, a team of genuine volunteers, and we have great partners.

Your gift, today, will directly impact our citizen science projects, allowing us to provide online and field training material, as well as run live events. This will help both to raise the profile of citizen science, and to create a community of naturalists and citizen scientists empowered by knowledge and the support of a growing community both at home and globally!

We invite you to give to EwA; we invite you to join our community. And if you’re in Massachusetts we invite you to come to any of our events! Please also share this page with your friends and family.

Thank you for your support!

— Claire O’Neill  (Earthwise Aware Founder)

Earthwise Aware is a 501(c)(3), your donation is tax-deductible! 
At EwA we respect your privacy and do not share information that you submitted to us.

Your donation will help us specifically with the following:

▹ Retain our 501c3 status! (without you we can’t keep this important status)

▹ Continue developing and promoting new guides & etiquettes in collaboration with experts

▹ Develop further our citizen science projects, nature connection & nature leadership programs

▹ Run more nature events in our local habitats for the benefit of the people and our local Nature

▹ Continue reaching out to local and global communities

▹ Recruit talented volunteers & interns

▹ Develop the fundraising & membership structures

Note that donations to Earthwise Aware are not used for any of the volunteer and citizen science trips of the EwA staff and board members.

Thanks for your support!

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