EwA’s Mission, Vision & Values

Nature Conservation as a Way Of Life

Our Mission

“Action-driven nature conservation – Empowering individuals, communities, and organizations to make Earthwise choices” 

At Earthwise Aware (EwA) we are committed to protecting biodiversity and leading people to join us in doing so—reconnecting us all to our ecological self.

EwA’s mission is to facilitate learning about natural systems, practice ecological ethics and sound science, and inspire environmental leadership.

Co-creative Conservation: Together, Making the World a Better Place for Both People and Nature ➔

At 7.8 billion humans and counting, the way we live, the choices that we make daily, the actions that we take and not, including our silences, echo in our immediate environment and everywhere else on Earth.

At Earthwise Aware (EwA), we choose to be aware and make an ecological difference. Nature Conservation for us is a way of living. We care and it shows!

EwA focuses on the understanding, documentation, and protection of biodiversity. EwA is dedicated to bringing biodiversity and climate sciences, ecological ethics, and environmental leadership to the heart of communities and organizations, and in the daily life of people.

To achieve this, EwA develops ecological guides and etiquettes, and runs a co-creative citizen science that advances nature conservation research while promoting ecological ethics and the democratization of science.

EwA is multi-disciplinary and integrative. We bridge knowledge and ethics gaps between Wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts, conservation experts, ecological researchers and volunteers, wildlife welfare scientists, and Nature. We make the work of scientists and conservationists accessible & actionable. We inform; we guide; we engage; we connect. We enable individual, organizational and societal changes.

Our work and ecological principles are based upon a Systems Thinking approach and Ethics that benefit directly nature conservation, supporting individuals and organizations to better integrate within our environment and act with the survivability and preservation of integral ecosystems in mind. 

Our impact is an informed & responsible form of environmental engagement —one that makes a difference in a World that needs that we redefine our relationship with Nature.

The EwA community is growing. Be trendy & join us in making an ecological difference!

EwA Overview | EwA Eco-Ethics | EwA Co-creative Conservation

Our Vision

“Together ecologically & ethically engaged everywhere–all the time”

Our vision is that of a world where we are ecologically and ethically active wherever we are, whatever we do and whoever we are —a tourist, a visitor, a conservation or ecology scientist, expert or leader, a volunteer, or simply an eco-minded citizen.

Our Mission & Vision in Details

Our Values

Earthwise Aware Eco-Ethics’ first building block is an attitude rooted in Empathy, Humility, and Knowledge.

These 3 traits are our guiding principles in our application (and promotion) of ethics, where:

Knowledge refers when possible to science-evidence based knowledge (data & facts…), and also includes traditional and local ecological knowledge (also known as TEK and LEK).
Humility and Empathy are key ingredients in the process contributing to fairness and caring, objectivity and honesty.

The EwA attitude happens to also reflect our core values because they act simultaneously as individual motivators that we all share, as well as compel us to follow a particular course of action.

Our Ethics & Values in Details

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