Nature Conservation as a Way Of Life

Nature Conservation as a Way Of Life

Get Involved! Become an EwA Ambassador

Your support to protect Biodiversity and act for Climate makes the World a Better place for both People & Nature [More »]

Get Involved! Become an EwA Ambassador

Your support to protect Biodiversity and act for Climate makes the World a Better place for both People & Nature [More »]

What we Do


» Cultivate Ecological Science, Ethics & Leadership

» Engage through Co-creative Citizen Science & Direct Experiences

» Reconcile Environmental Attitude, Knowledge & Behavior


Our Mission

Learn ▸ Practice ▸  Inspire

Learn ▸ Biodiversity & Nature Systems

Get a Wild Attitude ꙳ Be Informed ꙳ Act Responsibly

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The EwA guides & etiquettes are focused on ecology, habitats, species, and human activities/disciplines.
They help us minimize our footprint, 'positive' our impact & spread ecological mindfulness. [ EwA Knowledge Resources » ]

Practice ▸ Sound Science & Ecological Experiences

A Bridge between People & Nature ꙳ Protecting what we Love 

EwA Conservation Citizen Science and EwA Nature Circles cultivate mindful ecological experiences combining science, wellness, ethics & art.
Any one of us, anywhere in the World can be an advocate for nature either through science or nature experiences. Enjoy! [ Citizen Science » ] [ Nature Activities » ]

Inspire ▸ Nature Leadership

Committing ꙳ Sharing  ꙳ Leading by Example 

Caring means sharing and inspiring others. Getting closer to Nature has never been more important. To alleviate the pressure that we are putting on Nature, together, we need to inspire and make our quest a collective quest.

Make your Nature connection
a deeply rooted & shared experience

[ Take the Pledge »  ]

EwA Featured News

Fresh Pond Almanac—April at the Meadow

April wildlife highlights of a lovely meadow right at the heart of a busy city in New England...
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🏞️ Forest Immersion » Going Back Home

Ideally, Forest Immersion (or Forest Attuning) happens in a forest, but it needs not be. You can pick a meadow, a beach,...
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2021 City Nature Challenge

Between April 30th and May 3rd, many cities all over the world will be collaborating worldwide to make the most...
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Forest Explorations — March in the Fells

For many New Englanders, the beginning of springtime comes as a welcome relief. This past winter has been especially challenging...
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Plant Blindness & the Extinction Crisis

‘Plant blindness’ is obscuring the extinction crisis for non-animal species Up to a million species may go extinct due to...
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EwA Conservation Reports

📊 The EwA reports are a testimony of a journey documenting the natural history of urban biodiversity and phenology while...
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Even Scientists Take Selfies With Wild Animals –Here’s Why They Shouldn’t

Even Scientists Take Selfies with Wild Animals. Here's Why They Shouldn't. One of the great things about being a biologist...
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EwA Internship » Biodiversity Citizen Science

Ideal internship for undergraduates and graduate students preferably studying environmental sciences, ecology, and/or conservation biology...
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Caring for Frogs and Salamanders in their Own Home

Caring for Frogs and Salamanders —Herping Ethically 🐸  This season, we've seen a lot of posts showing salamander egg masses...
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🏙️ Observing Nature in the City

Nature is closer than we think – present all around us in our busy cities. She has added a few...
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