Enthusiasm for wildlife should not overtake our ability to think sensibly or unselfishly. This starts with choosing carefully the wildlife and nature venues we wish to visit or volunteer for…

Explore » The basics: knowing what to expect and ensuring that what we do is ethical.

Nature & Wildlife watching or volunteering are widespread activities now. These activities have an impact on our environment. Knowing what to expect, what to do, what to look for, and what to pay attention to are now critical parts of being mindful, ethical eco-citizens.

It starts with exploring wildlife viewing venues (parks, zoos & sanctuaries, organizations), assessing wildlife welfare or conservation volunteering opportunities, and doing some research on our part to make sure that the opportunity is reputable and ethical. Be informed. Look behind the curtain. Beware of luring appearances, exciting advertisements, and quick and unsupported affiliation or/and ethical claims.

Ultimately, what venue we choose, how we engage with nature, and its consequent impact on wildlife are our responsibilities.

It is Earthwise Aware’s mission to help you explore, prepare, and engage with the environment. To facilitate your exploration, we provide the following introduction guides. Their objective is to help you research and assess any wildlife and/or conservation options and gather some preliminary tips about how to best manage ourselves in natural habitats and with wildlife.

Our Explore Guides

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