Fresh Pond Almanac—January at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac
January at the Meadow
Winter is a great time to learn to read wildlife signs and explore the wonderful stories of those who live at and around the Lusitania meadow. For instance, have you ever noticed that small ...
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Birds in Winter, Deadwood & Collembolans

Field Highlights » Birds in Winter, Deadwood & Springtails Season: Winter | Location: New-England's meadows, forests, parks, and gardens.

EwA runs biodiversity walks monthly when we invite our guests to observe with us the passage of the seasons on the local ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—December at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac December at the Meadow
By December, the feeling of winter has truly set in at Fresh Pond. All the deciduous trees around the pond have dropped their leaves, save the most stubborn oaks and beeches, some of ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—November at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac November at the Meadow
November brings heightened seasonal changes to Lusitania Meadow and Fresh Pond. The peak of fall foliage season has passed. Insect activity has slowed dramatically, save for the month’s warmest days. As such, November’s ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—October at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac October at the Meadow
The stunning wave of color that washes through the deciduous trees of New England every fall will arrive and peak in Lusitania Meadow in October. At the Meadow, most of the trees around ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—August at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac August at the Meadow At this time of the year, the reservation feels a bit quieter and more peaceful than the past two months. With the often sweltering heat, the park attracts fewer joggers and walkers. Yet, ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—September at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac September at the Meadow
September marks the end of the summer in New England. At EwA, the beginning of that month also brings a little bit of sadness. Fieldwork in the Lusitania meadow feels different after our ...
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Lichens, Pollution, and Us

Lichens, Pollution, and Us Learning how clean the air of a place is by documenting its lichens… Visit a forested area that’s not near a city, and you’ll see all sorts of lichens decorating trees and rocks. But if you ...
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May the Lichens Be With You

May the Lichens be with You If flowers are commonly placed on a loved one’s final resting place, why shouldn’t lichens be allowed to reside on that loved one’s gravestone? If flowers are commonly placed on a loved one’s ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—July at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac July at the Meadow
July is quite an exciting time at Fresh Pond. Many people enjoy the warm, sunny days by strolling or jogging around the reservation. The beginning of the summer also comes with sudden and ...
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