Fresh Pond Almanac—June at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac June at the Meadow
Many insects are pollinating and reproducing, plants are growing with some of the flowers in bloom, and birds and mammals are as active as ever, capitalizing on this dynamic time through means such ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—May at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac May at the Meadow By May, summer is just around the corner at Fresh Pond, and the month sees a boom of insect life at Lusitania Meadow. Along with this late-spring boom comes all kinds of activity, ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—April at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac April at the Meadow
While April in Massachusetts often still has a few cold, wintry days, spring has undeniably arrived when the fourth month of the year rolls around. No matter what fickle weather the month may ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—March at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac March at the Meadow
In March, conditions will make the gradual and uneven transition from harsh winter to muddy spring at Fresh Pond. March brings the onset of new plant growth for the year and the final ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—February at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac February at the Meadow
By February, enduring another brutal winter month is not a welcome thought for many people in the Boston area, and the conditions are harsh on most of the area’s nonhuman residents as well ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—January at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac
January at the Meadow
Winter is a great time to learn to read wildlife signs and explore the wonderful stories of those who live at and around the Lusitania meadow. For instance, have you ever noticed that small ...
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Birds in Winter, Deadwood & Collembolans

Field Highlights » Birds in Winter, Deadwood & Springtails Season: Winter | Location: New-England's meadows, forests, parks, and gardens.

EwA runs biodiversity walks monthly when we invite our guests to observe with us the passage of the seasons on the local ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—December at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac December at the Meadow
By December, the feeling of winter has truly set in at Fresh Pond. All the deciduous trees around the pond have dropped their leaves, save the most stubborn oaks and beeches, some of ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—November at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac November at the Meadow
November brings heightened seasonal changes to Lusitania Meadow and Fresh Pond. The peak of fall foliage season has passed. Insect activity has slowed dramatically, save for the month’s warmest days. As such, November’s ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—October at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac October at the Meadow
The stunning wave of color that washes through the deciduous trees of New England every fall will arrive and peak in Lusitania Meadow in October. At the Meadow, most of the trees around ...
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