” – Bumblebee bat, how do you see at night?

  – I make a squeaky sound that bounces back from whatever it hits. I see by hearing.” (Darrin Lunde)

From Bumblebee bats, which are the smallest of them all –a little more than an inch long (and weighing less than 1 oz), to Giant flying foxes with a wingspan of 5 to 6 feet, bats are incredibly diverse and truly captivating animals. They’re also feared for no good reason. How about we kill the bad ‘rep’ and start caring about them right now?

9 Good Bat Rules

To protect a wonderful & needed family of endearing creatures

So many bad bat myths to debunk and so little time! For a start: No, bats aren’t flying rats. They are closer to us than you might think. The ancestors of today’s bats may have evolved from an ancestral primate, which could mean that bats and humans may share a common ancestry. The vast majority of bats do not feed on blood but are either insectivores, frugivores, or nectar-feeders. Bats won’t attack you and the chances of contracting rabies are rare, although possible as it is with many other mammals.

Witnessing a bat emergence or bat watching can be an incredible and eye-opening experience to another way of life. Get to know them and very quickly you’ll marvel at them! Here, we are debunking myths and presenting considerations and requirements for when you’re out there exploring dark corners, vaulted ceilings, and caves. Keep in mind that the general EwA Wildness Etiquette also applies when observing bats.

Knowing is Caring: Learn before you go. Observe bat species and their habitat well prepared so as to minimize your impact, maximize both your safety and the welfare of the wildlife, as well as for the pleasure of everyone. Enjoy!

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◊ Note that this Etiquette is and will remain a work in progress. If there is anything else you would like to see added, please let us know and we’ll do our best to include it. Let’s be Earthwise Aware. Let’s enjoy and protect wildlife responsibly! Thanks for your support!

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