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Keeping a Forest Whole

Keeping a Forest Whole ▹EwA conservation study presented at NENHC 2023 and C*Sci 2023 Authors: Claire O'Neill and Mina Burton | Earthwise Aware 🔗 Poster | 🔗 Presentation » full/flash | 📰 Handout The Power of Community-driven GIS-focused Participatory Science ...
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EwA Dog Poo Data Campaign

The Fells' Dog Poo Data Campaign Call for Field Volunteers You must have noticed poop in bags (and not in bags) in the Middlesex Fells, right? This is not just a smelly issue or an esthetic problem. Dog waste is ...
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Keeping the Fells Whole

Keeping the Fells Whole Earthwise Aware Report 2021
Documenting habitat fragmentation in a mixed-use urban forest Publication: January 29th, 2022 Note the scroll on the right-hand side below to get through the whole report. You can also read it in ...
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EwA Conservation Reports

Giving Science Back to the People - Advancing Biodiversity & Climate Research Only with the collaboration of naturalists and trained volunteers can we closely monitor indicators necessary to ascertain the state of biodiversity across the planet, such as indicators of ...
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Dogs–The Scoop on Poop

Dogs–The Scoop on Poop
It’s just one dog! Is dog poop really that bad? How about not using a bag and leaving the dog poop to decompose?
We hear these sorts of comments all the time. The answer? What ...
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🏙️ Observing Nature in the City

Observing Nature in the City
If asked to name a favorite place in nature, many people including myself might choose to describe forests, meadows, or scenic ocean views. Some might include state parks or even smaller, more urban settings like ...
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Flora, Fauna, and … Funga? The Case for a Third ‘F.

Flora, Fauna, and … Funga? The Case for a Third ‘F.’ Top: Giuliana Furci wrote a field guide for Chilean fungi and set up the Fungi Foundation when she realized the unique organisms were largely ignored in Chile. Photo: Mateo ...
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Don’t Hike so Close to Me: How the Presence of Humans Can Disturb Wildlife up to Half a Mile Away

Don’t hike so close to me: How the presence of humans can disturb wildlife up to half a mile away Authors: Jeremy Dertien (Clemson University), Courtney Larson (University of Wyoming), and Sarah Reed (Colorado State University) Millions of Americans are ...
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EwA at Horn Pond

EwA at Horn Pond Helping Plants and Insects with Citizen Science Participate in EwA's Biodiversity & Climate Program - Make a difference 🦋 Horn Pond Arthropod and Phenology Survey Insect populations over the world are declining very rapidly. We need ...
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2021 City Nature Challenge

Ready for the 2021 City Nature Celebration? We Surely Are!
Between April 30th and May 3rd, hundreds of cities worldwide will be celebrating Nature and gather observations of species found in our area with the help of all who want ...
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Notes from the Field

Fresh Pond Almanac—June at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac June at the Meadow
Many insects are pollinating and reproducing, plants are growing with some of the flowers in bloom, and birds and mammals are as active as ever, capitalizing on this dynamic time through means such ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—May at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac May at the Meadow By May, summer is just around the corner at Fresh Pond, and the month sees a boom of insect life at Lusitania Meadow. Along with this late-spring boom comes all kinds of activity, ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—April at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac April at the Meadow
While April in Massachusetts often still has a few cold, wintry days, spring has undeniably arrived when the fourth month of the year rolls around. No matter what fickle weather the month may ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—March at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac March at the Meadow
In March, conditions will make the gradual and uneven transition from harsh winter to muddy spring at Fresh Pond. March brings the onset of new plant growth for the year and the final ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—February at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac February at the Meadow
By February, enduring another brutal winter month is not a welcome thought for many people in the Boston area, and the conditions are harsh on most of the area’s nonhuman residents as well ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—January at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac
January at the Meadow
Winter is a great time to learn to read wildlife signs and explore the wonderful stories of those who live at and around the Lusitania meadow. For instance, have you ever noticed that small ...
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Birds in Winter, Deadwood & Collembolans

Field Highlights » Birds in Winter, Deadwood & Springtails Season: Winter | Location: New-England's meadows, forests, parks, and gardens.

EwA runs biodiversity walks monthly when we invite our guests to observe with us the passage of the seasons on the local ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—December at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac December at the Meadow
By December, the feeling of winter has truly set in at Fresh Pond. All the deciduous trees around the pond have dropped their leaves, save the most stubborn oaks and beeches, some of ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—November at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac November at the Meadow
November brings heightened seasonal changes to Lusitania Meadow and Fresh Pond. The peak of fall foliage season has passed. Insect activity has slowed dramatically, save for the month’s warmest days. As such, November’s ...
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Fresh Pond Almanac—October at the Meadow

Fresh Pond Almanac October at the Meadow
The stunning wave of color that washes through the deciduous trees of New England every fall will arrive and peak in Lusitania Meadow in October. At the Meadow, most of the trees around ...
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Narratives & Opinions

Lichens, Pollution, and Us

Lichens, Pollution, and Us Learning how clean the air of a place is by documenting its lichens… Visit a forested area that’s not near a city, and you’ll see all sorts of lichens decorating trees and rocks. But if you ...
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May the Lichens Be With You

May the Lichens be with You If flowers are commonly placed on a loved one’s final resting place, why shouldn’t lichens be allowed to reside on that loved one’s gravestone? If flowers are commonly placed on a loved one’s ...
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Joy of the Fells—Citizen Science with EwA

Joy of the Fells Citizen Science with EwA "The Fells is a fantastic habitat where we can bring different pieces of the (ecological conservation) puzzle together and lead people to be part of this story as well" Caitlin recently reached ...
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Attracting & Retaining Citizen Scientists

Attracting & Retaining Citizen Scientists Some conservation citizen science organizations run projects that can be quickly carried out by citizen scientists without supervision. And for those organizations, a common practice is to motivate people with a few good training events ...
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Even Scientists Take Selfies With Wild Animals –Here’s Why They Shouldn’t

Even Scientists Take Selfies with Wild Animals. Here's Why They Shouldn't. One of the great things about being a biologist is getting to work in the field and connect with wildlife. Through my career, I have enjoyed many unforgettable close ...
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Why Men Trophy Hunt

Why Men Trophy Hunt The killing of Cecil the lion (Panthera leo) ignited enduring and increasingly global discussion about trophy hunting [1]. Yet, policy debate about its benefits and costs (e.g. [2,3]) focuses only on the hunted species and biodiversity, ...
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The Gift of Being Wrong —How to Enjoy & Learn From It

"The more you are willing to examine your own assumptions and beliefs—and holds the possibility that you may be wrong—the more you can truly understand" (from The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling) Being a naturalist basically means being ...
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Ecological Ethics A&A —From Awareness To Action

A friend and I were chatting ‘over’ ethics. The context was our species’ fascination of a limitless growth model, showcased for instance in our expectations with respect to our human biology (e.g., our quest for biological immortality), as well as ...
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The Captivity Effects Denial Phenomenon

Our enthusiasm and indulgence for animal captivity is changing yet very slowly. But we can accelerate our pace, because it can only be a win-win for science, for the animals, and us as moral individuals... 'Are zoo animals happy? There’s a ...
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Reaching Out in an Anti-Environment Climate

Although today the American society seems deeply torn apart by cultural, geographic, racial and class differences, still there is more that unites us than divides us, and this includes few environmental views and concerns... An opinion piece. Today the U.S ...
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