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Earthwise Aware is a pro-bono/volunteer-based 501(c)(3) that we founded in early 2016, and have since then incorporated as a nonprofit in May 2017. We are very proud of its mission & vision and are working hard at developing it into a vibrant community. Thanks to a dedicated and growing group of supporters who want it to succeed, EwA is developing fast. We look forward to this journey, and invite you to join our effort!

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Claire O’Neill | President 
EwA Board member & officer (United States)

Originally from France, Claire spent the 1990s living in Canada before settling in the United States, where she has resided ever since. Trained as a scientist in mathematical statistics, probabilities, and artificial intelligence, Claire’s expertise extends to her roles as a field naturalist and wildlife conservationist. Alongside EwA, she is dedicated to safeguarding biodiversity through the facilitation of learning about natural systems, the practice of ethical ecological science, and the inspiration of environmental leadership.

Claire is co-chair of the U.S.-based Citizen Association Ethics Working Group, focusing on raising awareness and providing resources to advance ethics in ecology and conservation participatory science. Additionally, she plays a pivotal role as a co-organizer of the iNaturalist City Nature Challenge for the Greater Boston Area and serves as the co-chair of the Boston Biodiversity Consortium steering committee. Claire is deeply engaged in local conservation efforts as a conservation committee member for the Friends of the Fells and an advisor for the Green & Open Somerville group.

A passionate advocate for the democratization of science, Claire spearheaded EwA’s Biodiversity & Climate Participatory Science program. This initiative connects the public with their immediate natural systems, empowering communities through ecological participatory science. In her Massachusetts communities, Claire’s initiatives provide firsthand experiences of scientific contribution and experiential learning, focusing on the interaction between species, habitats, and their function in critical urban locations.

Claire’s diverse background in scientific expertise, leadership, technical innovation, and engagement in nature and wildlife conservation projects has equipped her with the vision and tools to build a successful organization. Her unwavering energy and commitment to EwA’s mission and vision are instrumental in nurturing a vibrant EwA community.

Ultimately, we all aspire to make positive and responsible contributions while fully embracing life and its experiences. At EwA, we believe in celebrating the gift of nature responsibly every day, regardless of our location or activities. “Earthwise Aware —Because I Care!” has truly become my life motto, encapsulating my commitment to environmental stewardship and care.

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 Sharan Bahra | Vice-president & Associate
EwA Board member & officer (United Kingdom)

Originally from the UK, Sharan was an operational change and people manager within a major bank until 2010. After a successful 15-year career, she seized the opportunity for voluntary redundancy and embarked on nine months of voluntary conservation work across multiple countries.

Upon her return, Sharan transitioned into self-employment as a consultant, restructuring her life to maintain her commitment to leading and supporting businesses through project management and transformational change. This shift also allowed her the flexibility to pursue her passion for volunteering and nature conservation ventures once her contracts concluded.

Sharan’s volunteer experiences span across Africa, Asia, and Australia, with even more plans for the future. Her dedication to professional excellence and environmental stewardship exemplifies her commitment to positively impacting both the corporate and conservation sectors.

“I have the best of both worlds and my enthusiasm for knowledge transfer, to learn and to share what I’ve learned, works in both fields.

Conservation efforts for me include finding out about good ventures, learning lessons from bad ones, widening my knowledge from fellow travelers, working with and understanding local communities and what they do to preserve their ecosystems and wildlife, and of course sharing my enthusiasm.

Claire and I met in Asia on a poorly run animal conservation site and it was our conversations in the main that grew my awareness that the ethics of conservation volunteering and travel need a lot more thoughts.

Over the years I’ve often been approached to share my experiences and about how I choose ethical organizations. Then when Claire asked me if I would be interested in collaborating on Earthwise Aware and working on a platform for furthering knowledge about conservation volunteering & traveling ethics (including my own), I simply jumped at the opportunity.”

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Jeffrey O’Neill | Counsel & Secretary
EwA Board member & officer (United States)

Born in the US, Jeff’s life journey has taken him from Puerto Rico to France, instilling in him a deep appreciation for minimalism and environmental consciousness. He exemplifies the ethos of living lightly on the Earth, always mindful of his impact. Jeff firmly believes in taking personal responsibility for shaping one’s destiny, leading by example, and encouraging others to do what they believe is right and necessary. His unwavering support for EwA underscores his dedication to its mission and vision.

With a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and a Juris Doctorate, Jeff’s academic background is as diverse as his interests. During law school, he interned at Fair Vote and the National Voting Rights Institute, where he authored a groundbreaking law review article advocating for fairer voting procedures under the U.S. Constitution. Jeff’s passion for empowering individuals to vote correctly inspired him to found OpaVote in 2011, further demonstrating his commitment to democratic principles.

Jeff’s unique blend of technical and legal expertise enriches EwA’s development, making him an invaluable asset to the organization. Beyond supporting EwA’s mission, he brings invaluable knowledge and skills contributing to its growth and success.

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 Daniel Onea | In memoriam (Past Treasurer & Assistant secretary)
2019-2023 EwA Board officer (United States)


With heavy hearts, we share the passing of Daniel Onea, a cherished EwA community member and gifted nature photographer. Daniel’s journey was one of deep passion and unwavering commitment to our natural world, leaving behind a legacy of profound intellect and love for all living beings.

Many of you may remember Daniel from the early days of EwA. Daniel was known for his strong convictions and unwavering principles. He had a deep concern for the ethical relationship between humanity and nature. He ardently believed in the urgent need for collective action in the face of climate change and the ecological crisis. As a talented nature photographer, Daniel discovered his love for capturing the beauty of the animal world while volunteering as an officer from 2019 to 2022 at EwA, which he wholeheartedly supported. His extensive contributions of photos to the organization and to the nature enthusiast platform iNaturalist reflected his commitment to raising awareness and inspiring change.

Daniel’s zest for life and unwavering principles touched all who knew him, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and inspiring change in the face of the ecological crisis and climate change.

As we mourn the loss of our dear friend, let us carry forward Daniel’s passion for nature and his commitment to making a difference in the world. May his legacy continue to inspire us all. Rest in peace, Daniel.

Read more about Daniel, and please share your memories and tributes [Tributes to Daniel].

“I have always been a Nature and Wildlife enthusiast, and traveled to few parts of the world to observe, enjoy and disconnect. Until I met Claire, I didn’t really have a greater purpose, neither did I take the time to think these experiences through and take it to another Awareness level.

Early 2017, Claire and I volunteered for a wildlife conservation veterinary project in Sumatra (Indonesia). During our trip, we had numerous eye-opening discussions about human activities and behavior that negatively impact us, Life, the Environment, and long-term sustainability. As consumers and travelers, we don’t always think about the consequences of our actions (or lack of) on the Environment. It became obvious to me that Ethics are needed, and that these Ethics need to be spread and taught efficiently.

Raising awareness and promoting ethics are an essential step if we hope to survive and thrive on this planet in harmony with ourselves and with the Environment. It is also becoming critical that we better understand, and participate in Nature and Wildlife conservation efforts the best we can.”

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