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EwA is looking for community-minded and eco-driven interns to help our organization advance biodiversity conservation & climate research and participatory science in our communities.

EwA’s mission is to empower individuals, communities, and organizations to interact responsibly and ethically with the natural world. Whether as an enthusiast, tourist, or scientific inquirer, EwA helps prepare each of us to adopt responsible nature ethics and minimize ecological disruptions to the habitats that surround and sustain us. We engage communities through participatory science and teach an approach that involves each individual in concrete conservation efforts around the world. We strive to build a network of environmental leaders who are prepared to take effective strategies and skills into their future industries.

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EwA internships are ideal for emerging conservation leaders, graduate students, and A+ undergraduate seniors preferably studying ecology and/or conservation biology.

An EwA internship is a great opportunity to contribute to the development and implementation of participatory science programs and assist us in our participatory science events. Our goal is to help the candidate become an accomplished participatory scientist who is also comfortable in leading events and speaking in public seminars with us. Our interns gain extensive ecological knowledge as well as indispensable leadership and communication skills. They experience all levels of nonprofit management and gain exposure to local and international organizations and experts in our domain of expertise.

EwA internships are very special. We train our interns to work and live with real-world problems. We help our interns master open science methodology and develop their leadership skills, critical thinking, and systems thinking. Our internships are mentorships to which we dedicate invaluable time and resources.

Role Description & Requirements (*)

  1. Must be a grad student or a stellar senior undergrad.
  2. Must receive academic credit or get funding from their university grant program.
  3. Must have liability insurance.
  4. Qualified candidates need to have an interest in biodiversity study, conservation biology, and forest and wetland ecology. They must also have earned credit in one of those disciplines (or a closely related discipline).
  5. Candidates need to be willing to do fieldwork in any weather condition and hike through dense brush, mud, and water.

2024 summer and fall internships application period: Ongoing

How to apply? Carefully read the internship description and requirements. Look through the application process and form thoroughly before filling it out and submitting it (you’ll see project details on the form). Discuss the opportunity with your academic advisor. Make sure to have your resume and cover letter ready. Then, fill out the application and submit it ↓

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For questions, contact us at ✉ citizenscience{at}earthwiseaware.org

(*) The same position is available as a long-term volunteer position. Contact us if you’re interested in joining us!

💬 What Our Interns Say About EwA’s Internship Program and Its Community

“In the short amount of time I have been with EwA, I have already come to appreciate how the organization views its members. There isn’t any distinction between professional and participatory scientist; every team member is valued for the unique blend of skills, experience, and interests. This collaboration and transparency are critical to fully understanding the ecosystems around us and are necessary to implement environmental action.” – Jakob Drozd (GIS intern)

To the EwA intern community: Thank You! | Meet our interns »

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