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EwA General Public Events

You can also see our local EwA events on our Facebook and Eventbrite pages (spontaneous events excepted).

At the Middlesex Fells Reservation

At the Growing Center

Virtual Nature Hour (Brown Bag Seminar)

EwA’s Volunteer Program Calendar

Here we cover our EwA learning events (workshops, lectures and various programs), as well as EwA’s participatory science fieldwork sessions, and live Nature circles ⭕.

We also list local events in which we participate, or that we attend to —that we invite you to discover as well— where we live in the US (Massachusetts) and in the UK (London). There are many great conservation organizations out there, and we like to share information about them too!

Many natural events cannot be scheduled a long time in advance, so also we have spontaneous EwA events that we add at the very last to this Google calendar only (not on FB neither on Eventbrite). We follow season cycles and events, and sometimes things come unannounced: we try to be there then! Don’t miss them » subscribe to our calendar ✍️

If you think that we are missing something important, or you desire to see something to be listed here, please submit it to us 📧


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