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“What an extraordinary experience! I learned more in this one hike than I have in the past year of reading books and going on walks on my own. The guides were such a trove of boundless knowledge. I would highly recommend EwA to anyone wanting to learn more about the area, its history, plants, insects, wildlife, and to meet wonderful like-minded people.” – Brianna Cook, EwA Fall Exploration guest.

You can also browse and register for EwA’s public events on our Eventbrite page.

EwA Virtual Skillshares

📅  Documenting Beneficial Insects and Their Native Hosts Q&A – 04/09 at 6 pm | Anyone can attend! 🎟️ [ » ]

Join us for this EwA Buggy Q&A and help beneficial insects at our sites and in your garden. Together, we can make a difference for the health and well-being of urban green habitats and our communities. 

EwA’s Public + Volunteer Program Calendar

Here are listed all EwA events, including our participatory science fieldwork sessions. We also list local events in which we participate and that we invite you to discover. Many great conservation organizations are out there, and we like to share information about them, too!

We follow season cycles and events; sometimes, things come unannounced: we try to be there then! Many natural events cannot be scheduled long in advance; EwA’s last-minute events are listed in this Google calendar only. Don’t miss them » subscribe to our calendar ✍️

If you think that we are missing something important, or you desire to see something to be listed here, please submit it to us 📧


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