“The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment” ― Justin Langer

PackingPrepare » The essentials: preparing to create anticipation and minimize our impact.

Preparing appropriately for your nature visit, travel, or volunteer mission is key. It involves some level of discipline for sure but does not come necessarily with pain (or only if you want it to be). Quite the opposite! Knowing that we prepare diligently so as to maximize our experience and our contribution is very rewarding. It actually creates anticipation and excitement.

The EwA staff has a wealth of personal+professional experience and questions from nature/wildlife watchers and travelers. The guides are designed to help you gain nature and conservation awareness, simplify your journey preparation if you’re traveling, ensure that you have all the basics (and security/safety criteria) covered. This so as to increase your satisfaction when you’re over there – in your local park or wildlife facility, and anywhere else including in the boons in a far far away land. This accounts for the satisfaction that we will please our host(s) while minimizing our environmental impact. A win-win situation for all!

Our Prepare Guides

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