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Only with the collaboration of naturalists and trained volunteers can we closely monitor indicators necessary to ascertain the state of biodiversity across the planet, such as indicators of phenology, migratory behavior, bioindicator species, population age structure, and species distributions. 

Tackling such tasks is no small feat, but EwA’s dedicated and growing community of citizen scientists does so every single day.

📊 The EwA reports are a testimony of a journey to attain these goals. As our community of citizen scientists and expert collaborators grows, we become stronger and ever more committed to building upon our accomplishments.

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The Latest EwA Reports

📙 2023 Conservation Highlights (short)
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📙 2023 Digests (all!)
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© The graphs and group photos in the 2023 Reports are the property of Earthwise Aware. Species photos are observations of EwA’s citizen scientists and are licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC).

ℹ️ More about the reports…

Earthwise Aware (EwA) runs a field naturalist participatory science program that advances biodiversity and climate research while promoting ecological ethics and the democratization of science. 

While the EwA reports compile the results and data collected from a year’s worth of EwA fieldwork, they are not purely data-driven reports. In addition to reporting those results, they document EwA’s developmental and operational process. They summarize EwA’s field projects and general findings and explain EwA’s field methods and how to access our data for further analysis. The audience for these reports is varied and comprises our citizen scientists and volunteers, our partners and collaborators, the cities where our programs are located, and the various non-profit and governmental organizations we work with. [📊 Past Reports: 2022 | 2021 | 2020 | 2019]

Join our effort. Be an EwA naturalist!

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