15 Easy Outdoors Rules

To help protect Nature & Wildlife

Can Ethical wildlife watching and the nature enthusiast thrive hand in hand with the age of self promotion and selfies? Absolutely yes, with a little consideration and thought, and with the bonus of increasing our own sense of wonder!

The most magical and teaching moments in nature are when nature is totally unaware of us. However, like us, even the most enthusiastic of nature advocates can forget to behave mindfully. Thankfully, the EwA Wildness Etiquette is here to help us enjoy nature mindfully & ethically.

Knowing is Caring: Learn before you go. Enjoy Nature well prepared so as to minimize your impact, and maximize safety for anyone (wildlife included) as well as for the enjoyment of everyone.

Etiquette for the Wildlife Enthusiast, Observer, or Photographer

🌰 The EwA Wild Rules in a Nutshell…

Wherever we are we should always behave as respectful guests. For the sake of conservation and the future of species here are a few rules to follow.

🔎 The Rules in Detail

The reasons & science behind the rules.

Sharing is Caring Spread the Word!

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◊ The references mentioned on this page are listed in the Extended Bibliography. Also, note that this Etiquette is and will remain a work in progress. If there is anything else you would like to see added, please let us know and we’ll do our best to include it. Let’s be Earthwise Aware. Let’s enjoy and protect wildlife responsibly! Thanks for your support!

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