➭ Simple kid and parents rules: Being quiet applies to both we and our kids. And if you are a kid reading this, then make sure your parents follow that rule as well. Help each other become true Nature and wildlife lovers. And most importantly keep your children (and you kid your parents) at a constant close range. Shall we list again the Cincinnati zoo [AN16], and Disney alligator park [LR16] tragedies that did result in the harm of one child, the death of another, and the death of a gorilla which was at the wrong place at the wrong time (not that Harambe the gorilla had any choice either). Also, remember the subsequent culling of 5 alligators to retrieve the body of the poor boy.

➭ Simple pet rules: Pets and wildlife don’t mix. So keep your pets at home when required, and if they are with you then follow leash laws. These rules are there to protect you and your pets from predators, as well as they are here to protect wildlife from being scared, stressed, or harmed by our pets.

In places where off-leash hiking is allowed, keep pets close to you and within sight at all times. If they run ahead, they may bring the predator right back to you.

And if you’re backcountry hiking with your pet, here are good tips to follow:

Hiking with Dogs: A Guide to Bringing Your Best Friend on the Trail – Appalachian Mountain Club

When my dog Bravo sees me carrying hiking boots or a daypack, he races to the door. As soon as it swings wide enough, he squeezes through and plants himself behind the car, quivering with anticipation. As the tailgate drops, he leaps gleefully inside.

Also read: The Effects of Dogs on Wildlife Communities

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