An EwA Nature Circle is a means of experiencing, and opening to, the Circle of Life that Nature is.

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An EwA Nature Circle cultivates a mindful ecological connection with Nature. It creates individual and collective nature experiences so as to facilitate a deep ‘Nature’ bond.

It is essentially a Nature focus group where you and your companions engage purposefully in activities that are centered on Nature with us as being part of ‘it’. We also call such groups experience or learning circles.

Our circles develop and exercise mindfulness, and naturalist & ecology skills, paired with both art and ethics. Our circles are not about pouring information into the brains of its participants, but rather to nurture discovery, wisdom, and a sense of belonging while making sure that we not causing any harm to Nature.

Join or create a circle. You can either join an existing circle operating in your area, or you can create one and invite others to join.

Join our Nature Circles Forum and discover circle ideas and favorite activities from our EwA community!

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