🎒 ▹ Get A sturdy convenient day bag, in which you can store all that you want to bring with you in the field.

A piece of advice: travel light but without forgetting the necessary, and have it always ready-to-go at a moment’s notice.

For us the ‘necessary’ includes:

Arts & Crafts supplies

A journal 📔 where you can record information, reflections and where you can sketch, draw or even paint what you see (watercolor painting for instance). There’s no rule about what journal to get, it’s a matter of personal preferences. We like hardbound journals with paper thick enough to hold water when using watercolors. Carrying around a few notepapers of various sizes is a good idea so that you can pull one at a moment’s notice, draw and note stuff quickly and later detach and tape the page in your journal.
✓ A ruler 📏 (to measure things and tracks) and some writing supplies (pen)
Pens and pencils, including colored pencils, an eraser, a pencil sharpener and all the supplies you like to draw or paint with (e.g., watercolor pencils, a small watercolor set and brushes)

Naturalist tools

✓ Magnifying glass 🔎
✓ Binoculars
✓ Camera (a phone camera is fine too)
✓ A couple of reusable/washable bags to collect items, or better a container to avoid using non-reusable/recyclable plastic
✓ Map(s) of the park or area 🗺
✓ Nature guide(s)
✓ A pair of chopsticks to poke gently at things
✓ A pair of gardening gloves for grabbing things without over thinking risks for ourselves or to avoid contaminating what we touch

Dress Code

👠 As to how to dress when you go out in Nature, we recommend that you wear inconspicuous and drab colors so as to experience in the least intrusive way Nature’s wildlife and wonders. You’ll also see much more if you don’t stand out.

Dress warmly in colder months (find sunny spots shielded from the wind or it will uncomfortable very quickly). And protect yourself appropriately from the sun 🌞 with hat and friendly sunscreen,

In warm months, protect yourself from nasty bugs, but favor a way that does not harm wildlife if possible.

Always wear good and comfortable hiking/walking boots or sandals appropriate to the terrain. And how about a rain poncho (at least leave knowing what the weather will be so as to be prepared)…

Sustenance & more…

✓ A (reusable) water bottle and snacks 🍏
✓ A nature-friendly Insect repellent, sunscreen, and a hat 👒 (in warm months)
✓ For long sessions, you might want to bring something to sit on. We personally like a slacker chair, because it’s small and light, it folds and is easy to strap to a bag. But that’s really a matter of taste…

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