EwA Eco-Ethics ▹ Connect people with Nature. Foster an enduring attitude of ecological respect & belonging. Encourage an informed & resilient eco-centered behavior.


(1) An Attitude: Wise & Wild

EwA's attitude links Humility with Empathy and Knowledge and leads us to be ecological actors of change

▹ We are then more connected; we have a positive & lasting impact, and we can truly feel good about it!

▸ EwA's Attitude in Practice

(2) A Process: Mindful & Informed

Exploring (looking behind the curtain), Preparing our experience and Engaging in the moment each time that we relate to nature & wildlife transforming our attitude into a resilient ecological behavior

▹ This fosters a way of living that we can be proud of, share, and advocate for.

▸ EwA's Process in Practice : Explore | Prepare | Engage

(3) Repeat: Keep the Attitude – Match the Behavior

Cycling through the attitude and the process repeatedly is what makes a difference in the end.

▹ It makes us much more alert, mindful, honest and engaged.

▸ EwA's Iteration in Practice

Tools ▹ Guides & Etiquettes | Citizen Science | Tips | Publications | Learning Resources & Nature Circles

  EwA’s Ecological Ethics (Presentation)

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