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There are many ways to get involved and support our work & programs.


Speaking out is already acting/volunteering for the benefit of wildlife conservation. But you can take a step further and also volunteer locally, or volunteer abroad for short or long-term periods. That is, you can donate your time… You would be surprised how much you can do and if well guided how much you can really contribute to helping.

The EwA Citizen Naturalist | The EwA Author

🐛 EwA Citizen Scientist Role » Your Data Make a Difference!

Recording arthropod abundance in Somerville

Climate science & Biodiversity science need you, your skills, and the information that you can collect. The good news is that you can really make a difference!

Our science program runs in our local urban parks & reservations (Massachusetts) where we study fauna and flora phenology; run habitat assessments; survey arthropods; monitor and map biodiversity; record bird activity; and certify vernal pools.

Check our Community Science Program and Join us at any location that you prefer!

✍🏼 EwA Contributor Role » A Great Way to be Active in our EwA Community!

A few of our contributors’ articles

If you’re too busy to volunteer a few hours a week, but still want to be part of EwA and like to write, then an EwA Author role might be for you!

Our authors contribute articles of their choice (but which topic has been discussed with EwA) when they want and can. We take our authors and volunteers very seriously. We dedicate time and resources.

We have an acknowledgment section on our community page where we thank and name our authors explicitly. When an author contributes more than a few articles on a regular basis or is active with EwA, then s/he is listed on our community page as a regular contributor with a profile blurb for the time of their active contribution to EwA.

EwA authors’ articles are posted on all our social media and are candidates for promotions (i.e., EwA paid advertisement providing more visibility to both the article and the author/contributor).

Our authors like this role as it gives them visibility with each of the articles that we publish on our platform and social media.

If you want to contribute or have any question about this program, don’t hesitate to contact us!

🍃 Volunteering in the Conservation Community At Large

Assisting climate change scientists in Ecuador

And if you wish to volunteer for nature and conservation organizations, join a citizen project, or want to donate to a cause, you can follow us on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn,…) and check the organizations and projects that we discuss… You can also contact us directly.

We remind you that our mission is not to recommend any organization specifically –but rather to coach our followers so that they can identify ethical opportunities, and choose and promote responsible venues. However, on occasions, we mention and may praise a few organizations that we are directly involved with or for which we have a high degree of confidence (at the moment that we mention them). Although it should never prevent that you do own research. Again never take a piece of info for truth simply because someone or a supposed conservation organization says the venue benefits conservation or the welfare of an animal. Too many well-intended volunteers, tourists have fallen into that trap. Nobody is safe from making this mistake, we included (and if we do and you know something that we don’t you can always contact us). We’ll be glad to listen, discuss, help.

Ultimately you are the only one who can know & judge the relevancy of a cause, a conservation organization, a wildlife tourist venue, a volunteer project that you are exploring. The responsibility to do something you think is right is yours, but it only comes from ‘knowing’. And at EwA, we are dedicated to helping you build that knowledge so that you can make your informed decision…


🌿 Long-term Contributors & Internship at EwA » Welcome to the EwA Family!

2 happy EwA volunteers!

Our volunteers and interns like EwA, because we care for them, and take their role very seriously!

We commit time and resources to help our people develop and own new critical skills. In return, we ask for commitment and accountability. One important question then to ask yourself when you want to volunteer with us is if you’re truly able to give regular quality time to EwA (our internship amount to 15+ hours/month of active contribution as a volunteer, or an average of 15 hours/week over 12 weeks as an intern).

Another important step is to read the EwA Volunteer Handbook .

Our long-term volunteers are fully integrated into our organization (EwA dedicated volunteers get an EwA email, personal and shared server space, development environment and apps, etc.). All our content, activities, and events are free to our volunteers. Our volunteers also benefit from major discounts on external events and training opportunities that help 501c3 nonprofits. And we help actively our volunteers to develop their skills and career. We’ve also been asked to be job references by some of our volunteers, and we’ve been glad to provide genuine and detailed work recommendations for candidates in conservation and ecology fields. They made a difference for each of the volunteers who asked.

We also have internship positions available —ideal for undergraduates and graduate students preferably studying environmental sciences, ecology, and/or conservation biology (⟶ EwA Internship Program Details).

Questions or interested in volunteering or interning with us at Earthwise contact us and we’ll be glad to tell you all about our roles and programs!

♡ Support Us

Your Support Makes It Possible!

Membership / Donation   🏆 Be the change. Get involved! As an EwA ambassador, your contribution benefits directly to the democratization of climate and biodiversity sciences. You enable the improvement of ecological ethical standards. You foster environmental leadership. You empower communities and support our young leaders.

Thank You! (from the EwA Community)
EwA is a 501(c)(3), your donation is tax-deductible!

Your donation will help us this year specifically with the following:

Developing the skills of citizen scientists and contributors
Providing our citizen scientists with tools to make their fieldwork more dynamic and efficient
Through our internship program, developing the skills of the next generation of ecologists and conservationists
Enabling EwA to work even more dynamically as the environmental crisis develops
Helping us provide high-quality video and written content to help citizen scientists locally and around the world
Deepening our community’s knowledge pool through educational opportunities
Giving back to our community through things like stipends and merchandise
Retain our 501c3 status! (without you we can’t keep this important status)

Note that donations to Earthwise Aware are not used for any of the volunteer and citizen science trips of the EwA staff and board members.

And if you want to volunteer with us, give us ideas or participate in what we’re doing: don’t hesitate to contact us!

Another way to benefit Earthwise Aware is at no-cost to you >> Sign up for Amazon Smile!

It is easy to set up. Once you do, instead of going to Amazon.com to shop, you go to Smile.Amazon.com.

Everything at Smile is exactly the same as you are used to at regular Amazon, same products, same prices. If you have a Prime account, it will still be there in Smile. The ONLY difference is that 0.5% of your purchases are donated by Amazon to Earthwise Aware. Eventually, this adds up and helps us! Thanks!

Sharing is caring; Help us and spread the word about our work.

Thanks again for your support!

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