EwA | An Overview

Wishing to understand Nature better, and improve your relationship with it? Looking to visit –and maybe even travel to– nature parks, remote wilderness, wildlife sanctuaries, or even a zoo? Interested in volunteering locally or abroad or simply in giving a hand for helping conserve species and habitats? Or maybe you are already working in the field seeking ways to challenge and enhance or amend current conservation ethics and codes of practice in your work and organization...

Earthwise Aware (EwA) is here to help. We connect people to nature systems through ethics, experiential learning, and citizen science.

EwA In Brief...

Problem Reconciling environmental attitude, science & behavior. Cultivating eco-literacy through science and experiential learning. Raising the ecological ethics and standards of the public and nature/wildlife-focused organizations.

Solution EwA Eco-Ethics + EwA Biodiversity & Climate Science Program

Tools Guides & Etiquettes ⋆ Eco-Tips + Q&As ⋆ PublicationsLearning ToolsCitizen ScienceNature CirclesCommunity Events

Mission —What the organization wants to do now

"Empowering individuals, communities & organizations to make Earthwise choices"

Core Values Which support the vision, and shape the culture (beliefs & philosophy)

Empathy – Humility – Knowledge

Vision What the organization wants to be in the future & the guidance and inspiration as to what the organization is focused on achieving in 5-10 or more years

"Together Ecologically and Ethically Engaged Everywhere–All the Time..."

  EwA’s Overview (Presentation)

More About UsAcknowledgment of Biodiversity, Land, and People ⋆ Meet our team ⋆ Learn about our philosophy

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