“Outstanding leaders have a good moral compass. They know where they have come from, they know where they are going —and they know why.” ~ Al Gini and Ronald M. Green

9 Critical Virtues of the Nature Leader

To inspire our guests & colleagues while protecting wildlife

Leading a Nature tour, a volunteer project or a conservation citizen science study are wonderful opportunities to encourage an ethical environmental attitude. Besides educating and inspiring, it is critical to ensure the safety and security of both the people we lead and the habitat and species we are protecting. Being an inspirational and ethical leader requires that we are prepared and that we embrace and share a clear Nature code of conduct.

In short, a leader always keeps in mind that our personal code of conduct, aligned with our values system, shapes the minds of onlookers.

Knowing is Caring: Inspire and nurture the Wildlife & Nature conservation leaders of today and tomorrow.

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◊ Note that this Etiquette is and will remain a work in progress. If there is anything else you would like to see added, please let us know and we’ll do our best to include it. Let’s be Earthwise Aware. Let’s enjoy and protect wildlife responsibly! Thanks for your support!

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