Thank you for your contribution! What we do is critical and it would not happen without your support. We are so grateful to have you in our community!

The time to process your membership and within a few days we’ll send an email with your membership card. If you are eligible for a sketch (Goldenrod level and up), an EwA workshop, or any other rewards, we’ll send you a link with options to choose from. If you are eligible for a field kit item, be patient. It’ll be soon on its way unless you tell us that you don’t need it or that you want to decrease your carbon footprint.

All of our online resources and co-creative citizen science programs are free and accessible anywhere and to everyone. There is a lot of work behind what we produce; we operate with a very minimal budget (and we’re good at it); Things do not grow out of thin air though and your support is instrumental. Any dollar helps us keep our ethics and science programs totally free. It will also allow us to expand those programs to our communities.

Lastly, we all work pro-bono, yet we want to start to reward our interns and our young collaborators. That is truly invaluable! Being an environmentalist has never been more important in human history. There is no reason why conservation work should keep being a poor’s man job. Help us change the narrative!


— Claire O’Neill (Founder) 📩

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