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Our set of activities combine ecology, science, wellness, and art and are designed to practice and strengthen a connection with our natural environment. It cultivates an understanding of Nature as a whole that emerges from the relationships among its parts, which affect each other through complex networks of interactions.

There are 2 types of activities: shorter, single activities, and lessons that are sets of activities put together to facilitate circles focused on particular themes. They provide ideas, outlines to help you structure your circles, and let you build upon them.

We are getting together a comprehensive set of about 30 activities up here. We are also investigating a nice and easy uniform way to help our circlers find what fits their objectives. So, stay tuned: we regularly tune our activities, and add to the list. And please join our Forum to get ideas and share with us, so that we can include your activities as well! Thanks.

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🍂 Nature Journaling the Wonders of Fall

▹ Fall is here! It is a great opportunity to slow down and notice the Life around. In temperate climates, late ...
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📝 The Wild Listing Game

Summary ꙳ Objectives ▹ Nature is everywhere around us, but we're so busy or distracted that often we fail to ...
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👣 The No Purpose Stroll & Fox Walking

Summary ꙳ Objectives ▹ In connecting with our surroundings, it is important to make room for those walks which have ...
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🐜 Repelling Bugs while Saving Them » Make Your Own Bug Spray

Summary ꙳ Objectives ▹ Not many insects are liked. However, they are a crucial component of any ecosystem. We also ...
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🖇️ Environmental Problem Solving with Legos

▹ A math problem is fairly simple to solve; there is typically one demonstrably correct solution, with a well-established path ...
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🌷 Nature Journaling Spring’s New Beginnings

Summary ꙳ Objectives ▹ Here in the North, the days are finally getting longer and the sun is a bit ...
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🕊️ The World of Birds

Summary ꙳ Objectives ▹ Birds are truly universal and can be found almost everywhere on our planet! Watching them is a window ...
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🦎 iNaturalism » The Magic of Biodiversity

Summary ꙳ Objectives ▹ Biodiversity is the fabric of Life on Earth. It's not just about the many species of ...
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