▹  What is it? A talking stone is a stone that can be held in one hand. We like ours to exhibit an animal or nature symbol (painted or carved). Keep one with you to share with your circle.

The point of introducing a talking stone into our circles is to give us, the participants, an external tool to remind us to listen to Nature and to our circle companion(s). A talking stone encourages treating each person’s voice equally, invites the participants to speak from the heart and to listen to one another. It emphasizes respect, listening and deepens our experience.

When we get too excited (too loud in Nature), it is a good idea to refocus the circle with getting the talking stone(s) back into the picture for the time necessary to cool things down.

We can use stones with an animal symbol. For instance one of ours has a bear paw print. We like that symbol as bears represent focus and patience (seeing them fishing for salmons is a good illustration of that).

 » Talking stone rules (adjust the rules accordingly). The stone gets in the hand of the person who is talking. During the time that person has the stone, the others are listening. The stone holder talks to the entire circle not just to one person in particular. If someone wants the stone, s/he just signals (raises the hand for instance). When explaining the talking stone rules, also spend some time interpreting the symbol of stone is about. We can have more than one stone to give the class when they separate into several groups.

» When to use the talking stone? Anytime it is needed to help the listening, and at the start and end of a circle session when we are gathered together at the beginning of a circle activity or closing it.

» Another cool use of the stone in your daily life… it can offer an external support in a difficult communication situation. For instance, it can be used as an external reminder to keep your cool, stay composed, etc. In that sense, in the moment you need it, the talking stone is talking to you. It is whispering to you to keep cool, or to not worry…

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