Practical Ecological Ethics in the Anthropocene

Earthwise Aware focuses on Practical Ecological Ethics, and how to bring those ethics to people, communities, and organizations.

Explore here with us main environmental worldviews and ethics, and how we can ease our ecological impact. Help develop a human ecological narrative that is aware and inclusive so that we become better and thriving actors of changes. And if you have a question, or want to discuss a point, an idea, then join our EwA forum 💬

Outline ▸ Environment: What is ‘it’ (perception & definition)? Environmental worldviews and ethics Environmental ethics questions Nature: What’s in ‘it’ for us? Is there such a thing as a win-win ethics? Ethical transformation —Wise & Wild.

ℹ These slides are the visual support of a discussion that we often refer to when we discuss environmental ethics. It makes sense to also explore the presentation notes for content and references. Click on the wheel in the bottom bar of the presentation and choose to open the speaker’s notes. Thanks & Enjoy!

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