My Journey to Becoming an Ethical Wildlife Volunteer

I am so happy to have gained a better understanding of what it takes to be an ethical wildlife volunteer. This has been, and still is an ongoing journey into realizing that our actions are not always ethical –not because ...
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A Visit to a Rwandan Gorilla Family

In 'the moment', and when too excited by the experience, it's very easy to forget the proper rule of conduct. Keeping a respectful distance is not just for your safety but is also about theirs (including their health). By not ...
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A Herd of Elephants and a Gaggle of People

Elephants… Don’t you just love them? What’s not to love? They are beautiful, majestic, intelligent, awe inspiring. They are a lot of people’s favourite animals. We want to get to know them better, get up close and personal with them ...
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