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Esteros del Iberá —Rewilding & Inspiring

“Sustained by values that are based on an eco-centric view of the world, prioritizing the importance of ecosystems and all forms of life therein, regardless of their use to man.” (Excerpt from the Conservation Land Trust’s mission) Esteros del Iberá —Rewilding & Inspiring My mom stumbled upon Esteros del Ibera (the World’s second-largest freshwater reservoir) […]

EwA Field Work: Reporting from The Corri...

Live Reporting from the Field We are currently in Borneo, supporting reforestation efforts in the Kinabatangan area. The volunteer project, managed by Ape Malaysia, focuses on collaborating with the local Orang Sungai villagers to promote conservation and restore the original forests that were largely depleted due to logging and agriculture. This marks Sharan’s second visit […]