What EwA Does With Your Media Files

We often use creative commons licensed media, and/or media labelled for noncommercial reuse with or without modification. Indeed when we share everyone wins!

We also use media from contributors after we agreed on a proper usage of their media and protecting the rights of our contributors.

To our media contributors

Thanks for allowing us to use your pictures and/or videos! This is truly appreciated. Your photos and videos allow us to illustrate our articles and web pages, with the sole intention to spread ecological awareness.

1) Since they are to appear in an EwA article/post, we reduce the image file size for reducing the load time. Besides it’s also a measure of protection for your photos, which then can’t be blown up to a bigger size without losing resolution.

2) We are likely to ask you about the story behind the picture(s)/video(s), as well as the distance at which the photo/film was taken when the picture/video is one of a wild animal. This so that we can give answers to any question from our followers about the conditions in which the photograph/film was taken.  

3) Pics are usually cropped to 8×10 or formats used for EwA article pics – generally proportionally reduced when fitted with the text so as to not overwhelm the page.

4) We either copyright directly your picture and apply the font used for EwA photos in articles, or we accredit the author or the provenance of the media in the caption or at the bottom of the article.

See https://www.earthwiseaware.org/get-your-bearings-keep-your-distance/ as an example of EwA photo usage. For a good article on photography copyright: http://www.photoattorney.com/five-things-you-can-do-to-protect-your-online-images/

5) We also showcase your photos/videos on the various EwA Social media, linking back to the EwA Web article. This may include: EwA FB, EwA twitter, EwA Instagram, EwA Google+ and EwA LinkedIn at this moment.

6) We thank explicitly media content contributors at the end of the article(s) in which the media occur.

7) Prior to publication of an article, we send a confidential draft to you (which might not be exactly as the final article if we feel that further editing is required) to give you an idea of how your media will appear, prior to publishing the article. Also telling you when we will publish the article and derivatives (usually a couple of days later).

8) We also add you as a contributor on our team page. Please tell us if you do not wish to appear on this list.

Many thanks for sharing with us and help spread awareness!

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