This bibliography lists the references used in he Nature Traveler & Volunteer Essentials.

Besides the organizations listed in the guide, we recommend the following:

[EwA] Earthwise Aware Guides & Etiquettes

The EwA Explore Guide
The EwA Wildness Etiquette
The EwA Volunteer Etiquette
The EwA Zoo Evaluation Guide

[LP12] Wildlife & Conservation Volunteering: The Complete Guide (Bradt Travel Guide 2nd Edition). Lynch, P. (2012).

[BC16] Ethical Environmental Tourism Is The Future. Batista, C. (2016)

[MT15] The Customer Isn’t Always Right — Conservation and Animal Welfare Implications of the Increasing Demand for Wildlife Tourism. Moorhouse, T.P. & al. (2015)

[SK15] 5 Ways Regular People Are Tracking Wildlife With Personal Tech. de Seve, K. in National Geographic (2015)

[MA15] Invasive Species Hop on Tourists Worldwide. McDermott, A. in (2015) — Shipping and industry carry non-native species into new ecosystems, but a study shows that tourists also play a major role in spreading invaders globally.

[AUD] The Audubon Guide to Binoculars.

[BW] Birding Optics (

[BJ] Choose A Camera To Take On Expedition (and How to Keep it Safe)

More about wildlife trafficking and scam wildlife/nature conservation organizations:

[UNEP] UNEP Year Book 2014 Emerging Issues Update – Illegal Trade in Wildlife.

[SS15] Saving Serabie: The Fight Against Lion Hunting — Winner documentary of the 2015 Wildlife Conservation Film festival: A documentary film about the fate of farmed lions for the sole purpose of feeding the hunting industry.

[BL15] Blood Lions — Blood Lions follows environmental journalist and safari operator Ian Michler, and Rick Swazey, an American hunter, on their journey to uncover the realities about the multi-million dollar predator breeding and canned lion hunting industries in South Africa.

[GS16] Tiger Temple Accused of Supplying Black Market. Guynup, S. in National Geographic (2016) — The Tiger Temple in a Thailand monastery was a wildlife park praised by tourists who refused for years to acknowledge the warnings. Finally early 2016, the proof made it to the public, and it is now established that monks at the monastery have been speed breeding the big cats for the illegal trade of tiger parts. Note well that it is just one of a number of tiger temples in Thailand who have yet to face the consequences of their cruelty. The Tiger Temple was the most famous one.

[HL13] Walking with Lions: Why There is No Role for Captive-origin Lions Panthera leo in Species Restoration. Hunter, L.T.B. & al. (2013)

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