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Wild Encountering with the Last “Man’s M

“In the majestic Mongolian landscape, where the vast grasslands meet the endless dunes, herds of horses rove. Neither tethered nor constrained by fencing, they run and graze on the arid, windswept steppes…” —Jane Palmer Wild Encounter with the Last “Man’s Messengers to the Gods” I am leaving tomorrow and will reach the fantastic land of […]

Shilpa’s Wildflower Highlights » Buttonb

Shilpa’s Wildflower Highlights » Buttonbush Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) is an obligate wetland species found at the margins of lakes, ponds, swamps, creeks, in moist, poor drainage and standing waters. The genus name came from two Greek words, “cephalo” meaning “head” and “anthos” meaning “flower”. It is a native species to the eastern and southern United […]