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🌱 Seasonal Nature Program for All

❀ ❀ ❀ Closer to Nature is a wonderful seasonal opportunity for teens and/or adults to get close and personal with our immediate landscape & wildlife in both scientific and art-creative ways.  We offer this program to anyone and to any organization in Cambridge/Somerville (Massachusetts) and around. You can pick and choose which class(es) you […]

Even Scientists Take Selfies With Wild A...

The conversation (cc)

Even Scientists Take Selfies with Wild Animals. Here’s Why They Shouldn’t. One of the great things about being a biologist is getting to work in the field and connect with wildlife. Through my career, I have enjoyed many unforgettable close encounters with various species, including turtles, birds, marine mammals, invertebrates and a lot of fish, […]

Should I Worry About Shark Attacks?

Should I Worry About Shark Attacks?

I am going snorkeling and diving. Should I worry about sharks? Worried? It depends. But in all cases, you should be prepared and know your sharks. How Likely Are Shark Attacks? Source: Shark Attack FAQ (Florida Museum). Of all the existing species of sharks, only about a dozen should be considered dangerous when encountered. White, bull, […]

A Visit to a Rwandan Gorilla Family

In ‘the moment’, and when too excited by the experience, it’s very easy to forget the proper rule of conduct. Keeping a respectful distance is not just for your safety but is also about theirs (including their health). By not following the rules we are inconsiderate and unethical. Take this example of human recklessness when visiting a […]