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🌱 Becoming Nature Aware —How to Start

Summary ꙳ Objectives ▹ Let’s “open our eyes” to nature by exploring our surroundings without sight. Let’s rediscover simple gratitude, thanking Nature for having us being part of it. Enjoy! ツ ⓘ Intro to EwA Nature Circles Type » Activity Level » Foundation + Wellness When? » Anytime Where? » Outdoors Time » ~ 15 minutes+ Themes & […]

⭕ Your First EwA Circle

Summary ꙳ Objectives We observed and recorded this little beauty during one of our circles. Fungus or lichen? What do you think? ▹ Any team leader knows that the key in establishing an engaged and committed group is to start with:  clearly communicating its mission and vision, establishing together with the group the collective set […]