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How Noise Pollution is Changing Animal B...

How noise pollution is changing animal behaviour Noise pollution, generally an unintended byproduct of urbanisation, transport, and industry, is a key characteristic of human development and population growth. In some cases, it is produced intentionally, for example when seismic surveys are being carried out using powerful airgun arrays to explore and map the seafloor, or […]

Ecological Ethics A&A —From Awareness To

A friend and I were chatting ‘over’ ethics. The context was our species’ fascination of a limitless growth model, showcased for instance in our expectations with respect to our human biology (e.g., our quest for biological immortality), as well as exhibited in our modern economies and business practices. I remarked about our difficulties at defining […]

Reaching Out in an Anti-Environment Clim...

Although today the American society seems deeply torn apart by cultural, geographic, racial and class differences, still there is more that unites us than divides us, and this includes few environmental views and concerns… An opinion piece. Today the U.S. government decided against the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.). It places at its head a man who is no less […]