The goal is really for us visitors to start looking at zoos and entertainment facilities with new compassionate eyes (as opposed to human-centered consumer eyes) and so that we help to push for better standards. The practice of having animals in captivity is evolving. Many are awakening to the need for providing for better care. And this requires all of us to push in the right direction…

To facilitate an animal/patient-centered visit, we provide an evaluation toolkit. It contains quick reference guides and worksheets for taking notes about the welfare conditions of facilities that host and exhibit captive animals. Note that for evaluating as objectively as possible, it is important to first get familiar with the Five Freedoms as well as the Captivity Standards Indicators prior to the visit.

✐ The EwA Zoo Evaluation Toolkit

EwA Zoo ToolkitSmall & compact, the toolkit comprises of:
✐ Tool #1 – General Questions to Ask
✐ Tool #2 – Captivity Indicators (Quick Reference)
✐ Tool #3 – Zoo Assessment Worksheet
Easy to download and to carry around. Don’t forget to bring it with on your visit!

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The references mentioned in this page are listed in the Extended Bibliography.

Zoo Evaluation Essentials
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