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📚 Guides & Etiquettes

EwA guides & etiquettes are focused on ecology, habitats, species, human activities, and disciplines. They’re here to help with Knowing what to expect, Making sure that what we do and see is responsible, and that the venue/organization behind the scene is itself ethical, minimizing our footprint and ‘positiving’ our impact and spreading ecological mindfulness.

 | Intro to ExploringThe basics: knowing what to expect + making sure that what we see & do is ethical.

📙 | Basics of Nature & Wildlife Watching
📙 | Basics of Nature & Wildlife Volunteering
📙 | Guide to Choosing Nature & Wildlife Venues

| Intro to EngagingActing inline with what we learned and with good etiquette to maximize our environmental impact.

| EwA Field Pocket Guide CollectionGetting closer to nature; recognizing what we see.

More guides & etiquettes coming soon…

❓ Eco-Tips | Q&As

🎓 Classes & Workshops

▹ At this time, our live classes are only available in the Boston area. Although our presentation material is usually unrestricted, what makes the difference is that our presentations are meant to be group discussions rather than didactic lectures. Part of our class objectives is to stimulate a collaborative ecological reflection. Most of our classes pair their seminar with an experiential learning session in the field. Those field sessions are the ‘knowledge’ glue and a great opportunity to learn at a deeper level. Our classes also give the chance to connect with a supportive community. Don’t miss out on those great eco-experiences!

For more information, or if you wish to attend a class or have us give a class to your organization/school, please email us at learning@earthwiseaware.org. Thanks!

💰 Our class fee is minimal and about 30-50 dollars per student, depending on the class, and with a sliding scale available upon request. Note that the real value of a session/person is 75$ (it always helps to know the real value of things to appreciate more what we get). For large groups or if the class is intended to be part of a school program, then the fee is defined differently (contact us for more information).

We believe that it is critical to keep our classes financially accessible to all. This is why our classes and workshops are and will remain inexpensive. In the same spirit, EwA’s content is freely accessible. However, we are a nonprofit, and we need your support. Please consider donating to Earthwise Aware to keep us going. Earthwise Aware is a 501(c)(3), therefore your donation is tax-deductible. Thanks!

Thanks for your support!

⭕ Live Nature Circles

▹ EwA Nature Circles create individual and collective nature experiences so as to facilitate a deep bond between us and the natural environment. A circle is essentially a Nature focus group where you and your companions engage purposefully in activities that are centered on Nature with us as being part of ‘it’. We also call such groups experience or learning circles.

Check them Out » Join our Circles Community!

We run live Circles in the area where we are based (Boston area). Come join our EwA Nature Journaling series and our EwA Biodiversity and Climate studies at the Middlesex Fells Reservation, the Fresh Pond Reservoir, the Somerville Community Growing Center, and at Horn Pond. The best way to get notified about them is to follow our Facebook and Eventbrite pages.

Co-creative Conservation 🦋

» Discover EwA Citizen Science

Get involved in documenting the biodiversity and the natural cycles of our parks and reservations biodiversity, and develop an understanding of the importance of ecology, phenology, ethics while helping science through citizen science.

Nature Journaling & Sketching 🎨

» Nature Journaling: Why & How

We share together how to create, illustrate and maintain a Naturalist & Field journal. This includes practicing sketching, nature illustration skills, recording field observations, and simply writing about what we see, including how we feel…

📅 Events Calendar

Here we cover our EwA learning events (workshops, lectures, and various programs), as well as our citizen science fieldwork sessions and our live Nature circles ⭕.

We also list local events in which we participate or that we attend —that we invite you to discover as well— where we live in the US (Massachusetts) and in the UK (London). There are many great conservation organizations out there, and we like to share information about them, too! Don’t miss our events » subscribe to our calendar ✍️

You can also see our local EwA events on our Facebook and Eventbrite pages.

If you think that we are missing something important, or you desire to see something to be listed here, please submit it to us 📧. Thanks!

📚 » Guides & Etiquettes | ❓ » Tips + Q&As | 🎓 » Classes & Workshops | ⭕ » Live Nature Circles

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