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🐸 Ephemeral Living » Vernal Pool Explora

Summary ꙳ Objectives ▹ Vernal pools are unique seasonal wetlands that are mostly precipitation-fed. The term “vernal” relates to ‘spring’, as these pools often appear and fill to capacity with spring rainfalls and snowpack melting. They are short-lived and dry out by early to mid-summer, then they may refill partially in the fall. They support rich and diverse […]

📝 The Wild Listing Game

Summary ꙳ Objectives ▹  Nature is everywhere around us, but we’re so busy or distracted that often we fail to notice it. Get outside and record the wildlife that lives around you including what you can’t see but you know live here. List the plants as well. If you don’t know the name, describe what you […]

🕊️ The World of Birds

Summary ꙳ Objectives ▹ Birds are truly universal and can be found almost everywhere on our planet! Watching them is a window to the Real. It connects you deeply with Nature. Observing birds gives us a sense of wonder while teaching us patience and focus. Once you step into their world, you realize how rich that world […]

🏞️ Nature Awakening

Summary ꙳ Objectives ▹ The set of activities in this session is focused on getting ourselves and our group “into the mood”. The activities help the participants bond and rekindle a sense of wonder in us so that we open our eyes, our ears, and generally our senses to what surrounds us.   ⓘ Intro to EwA […]