Summary ꙳ Objectives

▹ The set of activities in this session is focused on getting ourselves and our group “into the mood”. The activities help the participants bond and rekindle a sense of wonder in us so that we open our eyes, our ears, and generally our senses to what surrounds us.  

ⓘ Intro to EwA Nature Circles

Type » Lesson

Level » Explorer + Wellness

When? » Anytime

Where? » Outdoors

Time » 2hrs+

Themes & Skills

Alertness ⋆ Empathy ⋆ Focus ⋆ Nature benefits ⋆ Feeling part of the whole ⋆ Group bonding experience



Pencils & paper ⋆ Plant & animal cards (for the Pyramid of Life activity) ⋆  Blindfolds (for the Meet a Tree activity)

Activity Set

"To encourage an attitude of respect for life, we need to begin with awareness, which leads to loving empathy." —Joseph Cornell, Sharing Nature

This set of activities uses the concept of flow learning as developed by the Sharing Nature organization.

The flow is a 4-steps process intended to help people deepen their relationship with nature. Starting with awakening enthusiasm and focusing attention, it furthers with a direct experience and concludes the flow with a time dedicated to sharing and inspiring each other. In essence, all our EwA Nat-circles activities are supported by similar principles.

Additionally, we find this set a great way to bind the participants of a new circle or nature club. Give it a try!  


Activities  Pyramid of LifeNature Sound MapMeet a TreeFolding Poem

Enact » Pyramid of Life

This activity promotes alertness and awakes enthusiasm — Learning without enthusiasm is pretty much time wasted, this is why it is important to make sure that enthusiasm is present at the beginning of a circle or an activity, or to infuse it if it is missing.

This is a fun game demonstrating food chains and other ecological concepts in a lively, experiential way.


Pyramid of Life Rules.

Listen » Nature Sound Map

This activity helps to focus our attention. It improves our auditory awareness, puts us in a state of serenity.


Sound Map Rules.

Connect » Meet a Tree

“In this forest, there is a tree that has been waiting to meet you since before you were born.”

This activity offers a direct experience while promoting trust, and improving empathy. It connects us with a tree in a memorable and intimate way.


Meet a Tree Rules.

Share » Folding Poem

This activity promotes kindness, sharing, and inspiration. By sharing we deepened the experience and the bond with our fellow circle's participants


Folding Poem Rules.


Sharing Nature » A movement to help people deepen their relationship with nature.

Reconnecting with Nature TED Series » Be inspired to go out and rediscover the wonders of the natural world with these talks that will give you a deeper understanding of where the wild things grow.

Sharing is Caring Spread the Word!

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