Together, celebrating Biodiversity all year long at the Fells

I am very excited to see Earthwise Aware (EwA) and the Friends of the Fells offering a new inspiring and engaging Nature program: ‘EwA at the Fells’ 🗓️.

Our joint mission is to foster awareness of species and habitat biodiversity and develop an understanding of the importance of ecology, phenology, ethics while helping science through citizen science and through Nature & field journaling.

What is EwA?

For those of you who don’t know EwA yet, Earthwise Aware is a young Nature conservation nonprofit which focuses on ecological literacy, ethics, and leadership. We are dedicated to reconciling environmental attitude, science & behavior, and we are committed to strengthening our connection with Nature.

EwA is both a global and a local organization. Global, since our science and conservation collaborators —who help us developing our content— come from anywhere in the world where we have connections. Our core team itself is American, French, British, Romanian and Indian. Local, because we believe that Nature conservation starts at home, and so, we collaborate with local organizations to bring Nature experiences here where I and a few of us, at EwA, live.

Our tools are a wide range of guides, etiquettes, and tips for the engagement of the people and professionals with our immediate environment, Nature habitats, and wildlife.

We provide ‘practice’ tools in the form of Nature experiences, which we call Nature circles and include Biodiversity walks, and Nature lesson plans. EwA circles cultivate mindful ecological experiences combining science, wellness, ethics & art. Anyone of us, anywhere in the World can participate and implement EwA Nature circles activities that are freely available on our site.

A very important outreach program is our Citizen Science program that directly helps Biodiversity and Climate sciences. In the Fells, EwA studies biodiversity occurence, abundance, and phenology. It rigorously documents habitats (including the certification of vernal pool).

The beginning of an inspiring partnership

Crane fly on a Pink Lady’s Slipper

We wanted to lead events on a regular basis, in a few ‘dedicated’ locations that would become our exploration bases. Doing so, we would provide ‘bonding’ experiences that get our local circle members familiar and knowledgeable about the ecology of specific interesting places.

Then, of course, The Fells, with its beauty and the richness of its diverse habitats naturally came to our mind. And, as I am a member of the Friend of the Fells, it was also natural to reach out to the Friends and discuss a potential collaboration, as we thought that EwA’s circles and citizen science programs would be a terrific addition and complement to the many wonderful programs that the Friends of the Fells already offer.

It took only a meeting with Ron, Ann, and Lindsay from the Fells of the Friends this past April, to know that, indeed, we wanted to work together. So there we are: the result of this collaboration materialized and is ready to start this June!

‘EwA at the Fells’ — Together with the Friends of the Fells, celebrating Biodiversity all year long

‘EwA at the Fells’ is a program that we will run yearly. A citizen science series (Fells’ Biobliss: Biodiversity & Citizen Science), a series of Biodiversity walks and other acitivities.

The program will explore different habitats of the Fells. We’ll look at everything: birds, amphibians, insects, fungi, plants, you name it – big and small, and even smaller… We’ll also pay attention to the relationships between species and reflect on the meaning and implications of these relationships in relation to the forest, the cities around and further away.

This intimate exploration will help us build a deep understanding of the place over time while observing, documenting, journaling its many species wonders for the benefits of the Fells, its scientists, and ultimately our communities.

The program offers wonderful opportunities to connect with like-minded people who want to learn, enjoy Nature, and be active protectors of this incredible gem that the Fells is.

Come join us! Be part of these Nature experiences —be part of Nature with us!

🗓️ ‘EwA at the Fells’ Program Details » | 👤 About Claire »

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