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There is no better way to cultivating ecological literacy, ethics & leadership than through fun & inspiring Nature experiences. Come, join our EwA Nature series in an incredibly rich environment at
The Middlesex Fells Reservation.

🌿 Fells’ Biodiversity, Phenology, and Habitat Integrity Studies

🔎 A local Agapostemon » iNat record (Aug 2019)

This series fosters awareness of species and habitat biodiversity and develops an understanding of the importance of ecology, phenology, and ethics while helping science through citizen science. Everybody can join this incredible opportunity to reconnect and contribute to helping the conservation of insects and pollinators, amphibians and reptiles, plants, and birds in our community habitats —without needing a Ph.D.!

What: Our Citizen Science programs at the Fells cover everything from plant event timing monitoring; habitat and plant community assessments; pollinator and insect surveys; Biodiversity monitoring and mapping; bird counting & activity monitoring; and vernal pool documentation and certification. [Read more about EwA Citizen Science →]

When: Every week, our citizen science core team monitors EwA’s study sites in the Fells [EwA citizen science volunteering →]. Several times a month we open our sessions to the general public, both during the week and on weekends. Together we go in the field, observe, record information, and share about science and protocols. Such events happen rain or shine, but heavy rain, thunder, or low temperatures cancel an event.

Season Events ▹ Fells Forest Explorations (2nd Saturday of the month) | Fells Nature Observation Walk (4th Saturday of the month) | Climate & Wildlife Watch (2nd  Wednesday of the month) [Calendar →]

Where: Over the year and depending on accessibility, we rotate the events among different Fells’ habitats that we observe and document scientifically. The study areas covers the Fells at large, and a few fixed sites for plot and transect based ecology (EwA Maps: Biodiv Map | Pheno Map | Habitat Study Map).

How: The objectives of this series are: (1) learn about the Fells’ habitats and its wildlife and help protect the park and its biodiversity; (2) observe & record ethical information, and obtain science-usable information. Important biodiversity mapping records are uploaded to a dedicated iNaturalist project (EwA iNaturalist project logo on the left), phenology observations are recorded in the EwA Nature’s Notebook project on the USA Nature Phenology Network. We upload bird counts to eBird, and arthropod counts to Caterpillars Count. We also map 2 kinds of pollution: invasive species through EDDMapS, and dog fecal matter (bagged and not) through the EwA DP Map.

Each event is a register-and-commit event with a restricted number of participants! By having small size events we can keep one another healthy and have a quality experience while not overwhelming the habitats that we are protecting.

EwA Events Details & Registration »

🌿  EwA Plant Pheno Protocol 🐝  EwA Plant Visitor Survey Protocol 🥾  EwA Habitat Fragmentation Survey Protocol 🐸  EwA Vernal Pool Documentation Protocol 💩  EwA Bio-Pollution Documentation Protocol  📔  EwA Fells’ Dashboards » EwA Pheno  EwA Entomo | More about EwA’s biodiversity activities: Be an EwA Naturalist Documenting Species Like a Pro 📸  EwA Wildlife Documentation Photography Essentials

📱 EwA Nature Guides to the Fells

Do you enjoy hiking, sketching, exploring the Fells? Then check our EwA iNaturalist Guides!

The guides cover the species that our citizen scientists spot in our urban woodland, and the checklists grow as our community of Biobliss citizen scientists record observations.

They are the perfect companions to your Fells adventures: accessible from your phone, tablet or computer. You can even print them in a ‘journal’ format to help you record what you see!

We also invite you to contribute to them with your own records, feedback and additions. It’s an exciting nature conservation science challenge. Join a biobliss to know more!


Guides List

🌱 EwA Guide to the Plants of the Fells
🦆 EwA Guide to the Birds of the Fells
🐿️ EwA Guide to the Mammals of the Fells
🐞 EwA Guide to the Insects & Spiders of the Fells
🐍 EwA Guide to the Reptiles & Amphibians of the Fells
🍄 EwA Guide to the Fungi and Lichens of the Fells
EwA Guide to the Invasive Species of the Fells
⚠️ EwA Guide to the Endangered Species of the Fells


🔎 Example of Species Observed at the Fells

🏵️ The Fells fauna and flora depend on stellar trail ethics. 🗺️ Be a Fells wildlife defender: upload the DCR routes of the Fells on your Google Map and make sure that you remain on-trail when hiking, biking, or simply enjoying the Fells.

✍ Please email us at citizenscience@earthwiseaware.org for details
The EwA Learning Team

Earthwise Aware
✉ 50 Spring Street #A, Somerville, MA 02143
1 (617) 684-5204

The Habitat Integrity study is a collaboration with the Friends of the Fells and the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) who manages the Middlesex Fells Reservation. EwA documentation of sensitive habitats and fragementation survey of is done under DCR research permit.

About The Friends of the Fells. The organization is dedicated to the protection and harmonious use of the Fells, promoting awareness, policies, and programs which honor and preserve the landscape and heritage of the 3,400 acres Middlesex Fells Reservation for current and future generations. The Fells is a gorgeous State Park managed by the DCR.

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